How to use Facebook Messenger on a Computer

Facebook, the social networking site has become an essential part of our life. We are connected to this site so much that we do not even need any detail about the person whom we’ve just met and if you are smart enough, the first and last names are good enough to help you get any IDs including the hidden ones in Facebook.

Although we have multiple sources which we use for messaging services we love to be on Facebook messenger app online all the time to get updates from family and friends.

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But at times when we work on our home computer and don’t want to open Facebook website to check all the updates, we can still open the Facebook Messenger.

Here is how you can use the Messenger in your desktop/laptop without logging into

Step 1: Open in your browser.

How to use Facebook messenger on computer

Step 2: Log in using your Facebook credentials.

How to use Facebook messenger on computer

Step 3: That’s it. Your Messenger is now available to you without installing any new application.

How to use Facebook messenger on computer

This is really helpful for users those who don’t want to install third party apps to open messenger and it is perfectly legal.

To access messenger in your mobile browsers, Open Settings –> Request for desktop site and enable the desktop view.

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