New features to expect from Android in 2016

New features to expect from Android in 2016

Here comes 2016 a new year with fresh ideas and hopes. In this ever changing world everything is evolving and getting better day by day. So, this 2016 is going to be... Read more »
Google Translate app

Tap To Translate feature in Google Translate for Android Users

We’re living in an age where we are virtually connected with our friends and relatives through e-mail, chat and social networking platforms. Inorder to make our virtual communication easier than before Google... Read more »
New Year resolution apps

Apps to help you with your New Year Resolutions

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Google Cardboard Camera

Google launches Cardboard Camera app for making 3D panoramas with your Android phone

Gone are the days when smartphones were used only to take photos, play games and check your Emails. You can do a lot more than that with your handy device these days.... Read more »
Samsung Galaxy size comparison

Samsung Galaxy size comparison for S7, S7 Edge and S7 Plus

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