3 Successful App Integration Strategies for Associations

Really, static websites just don’t cut it anymore. The majority of associations, from police associations to literary societies, could use an app to keep their members engaged at the very least. Of course, just having an app isn’t enough. 

You want to create a seamless user experience, and that’s where app integration comes in. 

Here are three helpful tips.

Unify Your Member Data

Associations often juggle a ton of data – membership records, event registrations, communication tools, the whole nine yards. This scattered information creates a confusing experience for members and makes things a headache for your staff.  App integration can be your hero:

  • Integrate your app with your association management system (AMS) using APIs (application programming interfaces). This lets members log in once to access everything the app offers, eliminating the need for multiple login credentials.
  • Implement real-time data synchronization between your app and member databases so that all member information stays perfectly in sync across different platforms. 
  • Use analytics tools within your app to understand member behavior and preferences. Then, personalize content, event recommendations, and push notifications based on this data. This keeps members engaged with relevant information and fosters a sense of value.

Boost Communication

Effective communication is crucial for keeping members engaged. Here’s how app integration can transform your communication strategy:

  • Integrate your app with communication tools like email marketing platforms. This allows you to send targeted push notifications directly to members’ phones about events, news updates, or reminders. 
  • Foster a sense of community and encourage knowledge sharing by integrating chat features or discussion forums.  Partner with a chat API provider or leverage built-in chat functionalities within your app development platform. 
  • Keep members in the loop on industry trends and association activities by integrating your social media feeds within the app. 

Expand Functionality

Your app can be a powerful tool for making members’ lives easier. Here’s how integration can help:

  • Integrate with event management platforms to allow for event registration, mobile check-in, access to event materials, and even real-time updates. This allows members to register for events on the go, eliminates the need for paper handouts, and keeps them informed about any last-minute changes.
  • Make it super easy for members to pay dues, register for events, or purchase merchandise within the app with secure payment gateways. 
  • Give members access to educational resources, track course progress, and earn certifications directly through the app – all thanks to LMS integration. Many LMS platforms offer APIs that allow for seamless integration with mobile apps. This provides members with a convenient way to access professional development opportunities and track their learning journey.

By implementing these app integration strategies, you can create a robust and user-friendly mobile experience for your association. This means a single access point for information, communication, engagement, and more! 

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