A Guide to Google Drive’s New Built-In Scanner for iPhone and iPad Users

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Google Drive has enhanced its functionality for iPhone and iPad users with the introduction of the highly anticipated built-in document scanner feature. Suppose you’ve been eager to streamline the process of digitizing and organizing your documents. In that case, this step-by-step guide will assist you in maximizing the benefits of this newly integrated feature. Also if you’re looking for ways to move photos from Google Drive to Google Photos, read on to find out.

  1. Update Your Google Drive App: Ensure that your iPhone or iPad has the latest version of the Google Drive app installed. The built-in document scanner is a part of version 4.2023.46227.
  2. Locate the New Camera FAB: Upon launching the updated Google Drive app, observe the new camera Floating Action Button (FAB) positioned just above the Plus (+) button at the bottom right corner. Tap on this button to initiate the document scanner.
  3. Capture Documents: The camera interface, serving as a viewfinder, automatically scans the document in front of you. For manual control, utilize the camera shutter button at the bottom. The viewfinder provides guidelines for accurate camera positioning, supporting back-to-back scans for multi-page documents.
  4. Explore Editing Options: After capturing the document, Google Drive offers a variety of editing options. Crop, rotate, and apply filters such as color, grayscale, black and white, or photo to enhance your scans. Make the desired changes and proceed to the next step.
  5. Save and Organize: Press the Save button to store the captured document in your Google Drive directly. This ensures convenient access and organization of your digitized documents.

Accessible for All Google Accounts: Whether you possess a workspace or personal account, the built-in document scanner is available to all types of Google accounts.

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In conclusion, Google Drive’s latest update for iPhone and iPad users brings a valuable addition with its built-in document scanner feature. This enhancement facilitates the seamless digitization and organization of documents, providing users with a user-friendly and efficient tool. By following the step-by-step guide outlined above, individuals can make the most of this newly integrated functionality.

Updating the Google Drive app to the specified version sets the stage for accessing the document scanner. The introduction of the camera Floating Action Button simplifies the initiation of the scanning process, while the camera interface, with its viewfinder and manual control options, ensures precision in capturing documents, including support for multi-page scans.  Even in situations where an internet connection is unavailable. Using the Chrome extension called Save To Google Drive, we can save any kind of web page in our drive.

Moreover, the post-capture editing options offered by Google Drive, such as cropping, rotating, and applying various filters, empower users to enhance the quality of their scans. The Save button then seamlessly stores the digitized documents directly in Google Drive, ensuring easy access and organized storage.

An inclusive feature, the built-in document scanner is available to all types of Google accounts, whether they be personal or workspace accounts. This inclusivity makes the tool widely accessible and beneficial for a diverse range of users.

In essence, Google Drive’s document scanner is a valuable addition for those seeking a convenient and efficient solution for digitizing and managing their documents on the go.

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