Unlocking Fullscreen Lyrics for Apple Music on Your Mac

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Apple Music boasts a compelling feature in its integration of song lyrics, particularly on the Mac platform, where it offers a fullscreen interface that encompasses lyrics, a mesmerizing visualizer background, and album artwork. It’s worth noting that this feature isn’t a recent addition; it has been available since macOS 11 Big Sur. Surprisingly, many users tend to overlook this feature, which can be easily activated with straightforward steps.

The fullscreen lyrics interface on Mac delivers a captivating experience, showcasing the album art, a visualizer background that harmonizes with the album’s color scheme, and user-friendly playback controls. Additional options can be accessed simply by hovering the mouse cursor over the playback controls.

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Here are some essential insights for Mac users regarding this feature:

  1. Time-Synced Lyrics: These lyrics progress line by line in sync with the song’s playback.
  2. Apple Music Sing Lyrics: In this mode, lyrics move beat by beat to match the song’s rhythm.
  3. Lyrics Unavailable: If lyrics aren’t available for a particular song, entering fullscreen mode will display only the album art and playback controls.

How to get Apple Music lyrics in fullscreen on Mac

  1. Open the Music App.
  2. Click the “Window” button in the menu bar.
  3. Select the “Full Screen Player” option.

For those who prefer keyboard shortcuts, you can also activate the fullscreen interface in the Music app using the following command: Command ⌘ + Shift ⇧ + F.

It’s important to recognize that while this Apple Music feature may not have a profound practical impact on your daily usage, it undeniably stands out as a visually alluring enhancement. Users can make the most of this feature on their secondary display when it’s not in use for other tasks. Additionally, Mac users can easily access lyrics on their system by clicking the lyrics button in the top menu, which conveniently appears in the app’s sidebar.

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For those interested in exploring Apple Music’s offerings, new users can enjoy a complimentary six-month Apple Music subscription. Furthermore, this subscription is available for free with eligible AirPods and HomePod models. New subscribers also have the option to try Apple Music for free during a one-month trial period. Afterward, the subscription is available for a monthly fee of Rs 99.

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