How to Share Your Moments through Telegram Story


Telegram has recently introduced its Stories feature, reminiscent of Instagram Stories. This new feature allows you to swiftly share moments with your contacts and see updates from your friends, all within the Telegram app. These Stories are conveniently displayed in an expandable section at the top of your screen, ensuring you can still access your full chat list and folders without any hassle. When viewing a story, you have the option to share, reply privately, or react, offering a range of interactive possibilities. You can also send silent messages on Telegram.

Here’s an overview of what you can do with Telegram Stories:

1. Capture with Dual Cameras:

  • Telegram Stories allows users to capture photos or videos using both the front and rear cameras of their device simultaneously. You can even choose which camera goes where while recording, adding versatility to your storytelling.

2. Media Editing Tools:

  • Telegram Stories leverage Telegram’s media editor, enabling users to enhance their stories with text, drawings, stickers, or location tags. You have the creative freedom to make your stories unique.

3. Captions for Context:

  • Stories support captions, allowing you to include longer text descriptions, tag friends, or add links for more context and engagement.

4. Multimedia Integration:

  • You can add multiple images from your gallery or use the search feature to find GIFs and images from the web, enriching your stories with diverse content.

5. Customizable Duration:

  • Telegram Stories can last for a duration of your choice, with options for 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours. You have control over how long your stories are visible to your audience.

6. Profile Highlights:

  • Additionally, you can post your stories to your profile, where they are arranged in a visually appealing grid. This allows both existing contacts and new connections to view your highlights at their convenience.

How to Post Telegram Story

1. Open the Telegram App:

  • Launch the Telegram app on your smartphone.

2. Access the Camera:

  • Tap on the camera icon located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

3. Capture or Select Content:

  • You can either press the shutter button to take a photo or hold it for video recording. Alternatively, swipe upward to access your gallery and choose a pre-existing photo or video.

4. Add a Caption:

  • Enter a caption in the designated field to provide context or express your thoughts.

5. Post Your Story:

  • Tap on “Next” in the bottom right corner to proceed.
  • Choose who can view your story based on your preferences.
  • Finally, tap on the “Post Story” button to share your creation with your audience.

With these easy-to-follow steps, you can start sharing your moments and stories with your Telegram contacts, adding a dynamic dimension to your communication on the platform. We would suggest enabling two-step verification on Telegram to make your messaging app more secure. You can also hide the last seen notification time on Telegram.

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