How to save Chrome group tabs to Preserve Browsing Sessions

Receiving Privacy Error Messages in Chrome

The introduction of Chrome Tab Groups has been a game-changer for web browsing, offering users a handy way to organize their open tabs and enhance their overall browsing experience. However, there has been one critical missing feature – the ability to save Tab Groups for later use. While an official solution is still elusive, a clever workaround can help you securely preserve your Tab Groups.

Unfortunately, the option to save Tab Groups has been noticeably absent, even though Google promised to introduce this feature and has been testing it in beta versions. However, it has not materialized as of yet. Recently, a feature to disable Google Chrome’s Targeted Ad Tracking has also been introduced.

But here’s the good news: There’s a workaround using Chrome Flags, although it’s not an official solution.

Here’s how you can enable the Tab Groups Save feature on your desktop:

  1. Access Chrome Flags: Open your Chrome browser and type “chrome://flags/#tab-groups-save” in the address bar, then press Enter.
  2. Activate the Feature: Locate the “Tab Groups Save” option and change its status to “Enabled.”
  3. Restart Chrome: After making this change, restart your browser to apply the modifications.

It’s worth noting that Chrome Flags can occasionally make your browser less stable because they enable experimental features. While this specific flag is relatively safe, exercise caution when adjusting your browser settings. Here is how you can resolve the issue of Receiving Privacy Error Messages in Chrome.

You will see a “Save group” toggle within your Tab Groups once you restart Chrome with the feature enabled, you’ll notice. Activate it, and voilà! Your Tab Group is now permanently saved. When you close a saved group, it will appear in your Bookmarks Bar, retaining its color and title. Click on it in the bar to instantly restore your carefully curated tabs.

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