Personalizing iPhone Notifications: Setting Custom Vibration Patterns for Individual Contacts

Do you wish to distinguish who’s calling or texting you on your iPhone without glancing at the screen? If the answer is yes, you can set up distinct vibration patterns for different contacts. This personalized approach enhances notifications, simplifying the identification of incoming callers. While assigning unique ringtones for contacts is well-known, creating varied vibration patterns might not be as familiar to most users. However, you can also mute a specific contact on your iPhone for undisturbed focus.

Learn how to set up different vibrations for specific contacts on your iPhone with these steps:

  • Launch the Contacts app.
  • Locate the contact for which you want a custom vibration.
  • Tap the Edit button situated in the upper right corner.
  • Depending on the type of notification you want to customize—ringtone or text tone—tap either Ringtone or Text Tone.
  • Tap Vibration.
  • Choose a vibration from the available standard options.
  • To craft a custom vibration, tap Create New Vibration.
  • Tap the screen to generate a vibration pattern. Up to 10 taps can be used to create a distinct pattern.
  • After completion, tap Save.
  • Tap Done to exit the editing screen.

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Now, when the customized contact reaches out, the specific vibration pattern will inform you of their call or message, all without having to glance at your iPhone.

For further customization, consider these additional tips:

  • Combine long and short vibrations to craft unique patterns for each contact.
  • Utilize different vibration patterns for various notification types, such as calls, text messages, and voicemail.
  • If you manage numerous contacts, you can establish custom vibration groups. This allows you to assign the same vibration pattern to multiple contacts.

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This functionality proves valuable during meetings or instances when you’d prefer your phone to remain inconspicuous. Even if your device is in your pocket, you’ll effortlessly discern the identity of incoming callers through their distinctive vibrations.

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