5 Things to Consider While Choosing an Image Clipping Path Service Provider

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Equipping your store with appealing pictures has become crucial for eCommerce success, even more, important with the growth of the digital market. Image clipping path is a wonderful option to bring uniqueness to your eCommerce photos.

The process involves cutting out an image from the existing background and placing it on another. More so, a clipping path is also used to wrap text around the subject in an image. 

Image clipping path is a vital tool for eCommerce product photographs and graphic designing purposes. However, with so many service providers available, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. In this article, we will discuss five key factors to consider which will help you make this choice. 

What Tasks Can Be Assigned to an Image Clipping Path Company?

Image Editing firms which specialize in Photo clipping paths can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as removing backgrounds, creating a collage, or adding a new background to an image. They can additionally perform the following tasks for you:

  • Image Masking

It is a technique where a layer mask is used to hide or reveal parts of an image. This can be used to create precise masks around complex objects, such as hair or fur. 

  • Color Correction

Clipping paths can be used to isolate specific parts of an image for color correction, such as adjusting the color of a particular product.

  • Image Resizing

By isolating objects in an image using clipping paths, it is possible to resize them without affecting the rest of the image. This can be useful for creating thumbnails or other images for use on websites or other digital platforms.

  • Object Removal

Clipping paths can be used to remove unwanted objects from an image, such as power lines or other distractions from a landscape photo.

  • Image Compositing

Clipping paths can be used to combine multiple images into a single composition, such as placing a product photo onto a background or creating a montage of different images.

Overall, photo-clipping path services have versatile exposure that can be used for a wide range of image editing tasks beyond just background removal.

Why Do eCommerce Businesses Need Clipping Path Services?

eCommerce businesses depend on product sales. Starting from product listings to digital marketing operations like email campaigns, and social media postings to various advertising operations, high-quality pictures help establish a solid first impression. They can work as a sales pitch and generate leads. 

The clipping path technique will help you enhance an image’s quality, but it must be well suited to eCommerce too.  Thus, it is necessary to get this done by the experts for the following reasons:

  • Outsourcing image clipping path saves time and helps you focus on your core responsibilities.
  • It enhances your pictures and improves their quality, by highlighting the product and bringing the customer’s attention to it.
  • It gives you a competitive edge with unique pictures.
  • Clipping path services can facilitate improved photoshoots by aiding some pre-edit settings.
  • Your photo editing tasks are managed by experienced professionals, which is more cost-effective than learning Photoshop or training an employee.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Clipping Path Service

You can search for a clipping path services company online. Posting a requirement on social media or asking in your network is another option. You can also check to outsource service marketplaces.

 Once you are ready with a probable list, finalize the most suitable service provider after examining these five factors –

→ Experience and Expertise

The first and foremost factor that should be analyzed is the expertise of a service provider. This includes their team’s qualifications and experience. Examine the outsourcing partner’s technical capabilities. Review their experience and compare it with your requirements.

Inquire about:

  • Do any of their past experiences have similar requirements, to yours?
  • How do they keep their technology updated?
  • Can they share any recent client testimonials?
  • What is the general workflow, who executes what, and who supervises?

Moreover, your images may contain sensitive information that you do not want to be shared with others. It’s essential to choose a service provider that values confidentiality and takes the necessary measures to protect your data.

→ Quality and Accuracy

This is a major concern when you are seeking clipping path services. Your outsourcing partner should understand the requirement and be able to deliver accurately edited product pictures. They may have an expert team but, if they fail to meet your quality standards, it’s not worth the effort.

Examine the quality of their work from the website’s portfolio, review their previous jobs, and also ask them to do a sample task from your images. Determine if it meets your expectations.

Inquire about:

  • How do they draw clipping paths? Do they use AI or have experts for it?
  • How do they maintain quality and accuracy?
  • Do they take re-do requests in case you are not satisfied?

Product photo editing involves creativity and an eye for details, so it is advised to avoid service providers that use automation. Check if the work quality is monitored properly to maintain standards. Also, consider checking their reviews and ratings online to get an idea of their previous clients’ experiences.

→ Turnaround Time

In the fast-paced digital world, a quick turnaround time is crucial. Check if the service provider can deliver the work within your desired timeframe. It’s also important to communicate your deadline clearly and ask if they can meet it before finalizing the deal.

Inquire about:

  • Do you have to pay extra to rush a task?  
  • How does the clipping path service company’s everyday task delivery cycle work?

Many firms charge extra for faster delivery. Knowing it in advance will give you clarity on collaborating with such firms accordingly. 

→ Pricing

Image clipping path services vary in price, depending on the complexity of the image and the level of expertise required. Though many companies offer flexible packages and customized pricing plans too. Make sure to get a quote from the service provider before starting the project and ensure there are no hidden costs or additional charges.

Inquire about:

  • What is their price structure? Is there any extra cost for editing a complex image?
  • Do they offer any customized packages?
  • Are the costs flexible according to the image volumes?
  • Can they scale up or down, as per requirement?

Budget is an important factor, any service provider that you choose must have feasible charges. Always look for customized packages that are flexible to scale, with peak seasons as well as months with lower demand and fewer tasks to outsource. 

→ Customer Service

You need prompt replies to your queries. With the lack of communication, outsourcing can be a daunting task. For instance, if you are in Chicago, while your outsourcing partner is in India, the time difference could make seamless communication difficult.

Ensure that there are proper channels for review and feedback so that the issues get addressed in due time.

Inquire about:

  • Do they offer 24-hour customer support?
  • Are they assigning a dedicated client-servicing executive or a project manager?
  • Do they have 24-hour email or chat support for prompt resolutions?

It is advisable to avoid any service providers who are not serious about customer support. The absence of a dedicated support system can lead to frustrations in rush hours when you are waiting for responses or when you want the agency to work on the feedback given.


Choosing the right image-clipping path service provider is crucial for the success of your eCommerce store. By considering the above factors, you can ensure that you choose a reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective service provider that meets your specific needs.

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