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A website is a unique collection of several web pages using a single domain name. All these web pages aim at discussing various aspects of the main website topic. However, it is very much important to check DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), and SS (Spam Score) for your website.

As per the data of March 2022, the number of online websites has soared to reach 1.93 billion. All are trying to capture the internet audience. The internet audience currently stands at 5 billion, making up 63% of the world’s population.

When we look analytically, 75% of total web traffic goes to the sites appearing on top of Google’s SERP. This puts all websites in a race for rankings.  It is safe to say that only the leading ones are termed as successful, the rest become irrelevant.

Any search engine optimization expert’s job is to get on top and sustain the position. All the efforts are made to achieve this goal.

The online tool which can predict the search engine rankings of a website is

We recommend every SEO Expert utilize a DA checker who wants to excel. This article explains how you can measure website ratings with this tool.

What is Da Pa Checker

The Da Pa Checker is an online domain authority checker which measures the authenticity of a domain or several URLs. The tool provides the most accurate results, showing a success rate of above 95%.

Types of Scores

This provides 3 types of scores:

  1. Domain Authority Score
  2. Page Authority Score
  3. Spam Score

The scores range from 0 to 100, ranging from worst to excellent. The significance of these scores is:

Domain AuthorityLevel

These scores give an insight into the SEO status of the website. The Experts analyze it and plan their future goals.

What Factors Influence the DA Score?

The score analyzes the 40 different factors to determine the DA score of any website. At the center of these 40 factors lie two basic parameters

  1. The number of backlinks
  2. The quality of backlinks

The backlinks determine the authority of any website. However, most people confuse the number with quality. To rank on top, you need a referral from authentic sources. The backlinks from unauthentic sources hold very little value.

The goal should be to reach a DA value of above 60. This puts the website in an excellent region, competing neck to neck against leading websites in this field.

Another important thing to mention here is the relative increment. It is easy to climb from the Bad to the acceptable region by raising the DA score from below 30 to above 30. But getting higher DA becomes a real battle as you go on top. It takes insane dedication to rise from excellent to ideal.

Another important factor to consider here is that it isn’t an official ranking from Google. This is a method that is based on MOZ ranking. It determines the probability of any website reaching on top.

It shouldn’t be confused with Google’s ranking factors. Google considers more than 200 factors for website rating. It isn’t possible to work on all these fronts.

 The DA score centralizes your work. You need to improve the DA score and just enjoy sitting on top of Google’s SERP.

Website rating with

So far, we have described the introduction of, the types of offered scores, and the factors which influence the score.  This section describes how you can determine it.

The procedure involves these 3 Steps:

Step 1: Select the URL

To determine the score, you need to select the URL. The tool offers you to enlist 30 URLs in one search, and the combined effect of these 30 URLs can be calculated.

You need to ensure that the link isn’t broken or banned. The selected link should be in stable condition for the determination of the DA score.  

Step 2: Paste the link on

After choosing the link, visit the website of The interface is straightforward. It doesn’t include any extravagant colors or complicated options. All things have been designed to facilitate the user.

Once you reach the home page, paste the link on the tool.  This is how it appears:

Step 3: Retrieve the Score

In the last step, just click on “Check Authority”. The tool would start doing its trick. After a few seconds, you would get the desired result.

This is how our result appears:

You can see that website has a DA score of 55 with a page authority of 63.  The tool also offers to download the detailed Excel report of these results.

You can determine the ratings of any website in these 3 simple steps. The method can be repeated for various websites unlimited times. You don’t have to buy any premium subscription to access these features.

Benefits of using

With the right use of a PA checker, you can uplift the rating of your website. It allows SEO experts to determine the worth and impact of each link on website ratings.

Thus, allowing them to choose the right links. The rest should be discarded with immediate effect. This is quite in line with Google’s ranking criteria.

As per John Mueller, the criteria of MOZ and Google are quite. This fact can be established by two simple statistics:

  • Google grants 21% weightage to “Link Authority Characteristics”
  • It gives 19% weightage to links present on the page

With a DA score, you can succeed in both areas.

The DA score helps you improve your website’s content. The content with attractive headings, the right keywords, and eye-catching graphics gets above 60 scores with ease.

This results in user engagement and higher organic traffic. If it persists, it gets you on top of Google’s search engine result page.


The DA rating of a website is an important factor in any SEO strategy. It acts like a reality check, which calibrates the positioning of the website.

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