5 Tips to Fine-tune & Improve Your Tech Recruitment

The dawn of the digital era has increased the demand for technical talent. However, every hiring manager and recruiter will echo how difficult it is to find individuals willing to add value to their organization. Recruiting becomes even more challenging if you are sourcing for the market’s best talent. Remember, a bad hire can be costly to your business. Well, here we will discuss a few practical tips to help you source the best tech talent in a competitive space.

Use a proactive approach

Unfortunately, most talented technicians are either working at other jobs or aren’t actively looking for companies to hire them. There is also a high chance other companies would like to recruit them. Therefore, it is up to you to incentivize them to come on board. For instance, you could convince them that their role in your company could take them to the next level in their careers.

Keep an eye on the candidate’s technical skills and competencies

You cannot hire anyone for a job that you know nothing about. Therefore, we suggest you take your time to understand what it takes to work in the IT industry. Remember that technical skills form a small percentage of what a candidate needs to possess to thrive in the workplace. The individual should also have soft skills, team spirit, and good interpersonal and communication skills to help them get along with their colleagues.

Try outsourcing
You could consider outsourcing for short-term tech projects. It is an easy way to access a pool of top tech talent without spending too much on the recruitment process. Say, for instance, you have a project to create an in-house web app. In this case, you could hire a Front End Development Company to help craft the app. It will save you more in cash and time.

Keep the recruitment tests short and relevant

Qualified and talented techies love a good challenge that will keep them on their toes. However, making the assessment too difficult might put them off from applying for the job. It would be best to keep the tests simple and relevant to their abilities. If the assessment process is too tedious, you will likely lose out on talent.

Understand the personas that gravitate towards this job

Now that you know what your hiring manager wants in a potential candidate, you are better positioned to create a persona you think will be interested in the job. Research reveals that professionals in the IT industry are typically younger than 35, more likely to hop from one position to another, and less than five years into their careers. These characteristics can give you ideas on where to source potentially qualified candidates and how to interact with them.

Be careful when writing job descriptions

A job description outlines the responsibilities of potential candidates, what tools they expect to work with, and their level of ownership over certain projects. As you draft your job description, ensure you work closely with your hiring manager to help you include the specific skills and competencies you need for the job. It would also be wise to write a job description that will appeal to the type of candidate you want to hire.

Final remarks

In a nutshell, there are various skills that every recruiter needs to possess to help them reel in the best talent. These skills include critical thinking, negotiation skills, an analytical mind, good communication skills, and technical aptitude. If you combine these skills with the tips discussed above, you are bound to up your game when it comes to hiring the best talent for your technical needs.

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