5 Practices To Find The Right Candidate For Your Tech Department

Right Candidate For Your Tech Department

Attracting and retaining talented tech experts in this competitive market is a tough job. Many companies face problems finding the right candidate and sometimes end up hiring a person who does not meet the work requirement. But companies can overcome this predicament by changing their approach and adopting the right one. Of course, to create the right strategy, you must possess tech expertise yourself or have someone on the panel familiar with tech. Apart from that, some ways can help you find the right person for the job without going through too much hassle.

For starters, using traditional hiring methods will not find you the talent you seek for the tech department anymore. The reason for that is that the rules of the tech industry are changing. Now, tech experts work on short contracts because opportunities continue to grow for them. As a result, they can find more attractive packages and benefits that best suit their needs.

Companies now understand that hiring the right person makes a world of difference. Therefore, they are upgrading to more nontraditional recruitment strategies and ideas to find the perfect fit for the job. In this article, we will share some points that you should consider when on the hunt for the right candidate for your tech department.

1. What Kind Of A Person Is Your Ideal Candidate

Before you start the selection process, you must first decide what your ideal candidate is like. You have to narrow down the list of skills they must have, the level of expertise they must possess, and the experience that would make them perfect for the post. Before setting the bar for these factors, have a detailed discussion with your tech team and determine their needs and demands. Depending upon their demands, create a list of skills and expertise that you are looking for. If you are clear about the needs of your tech department and your company, you can find a candidate with the required expertise easily. If you don’t consult the relevant department, you might end up hiring someone who is not compatible.

2. Shape The Interviewing Process Structure

Many companies tend to hire at the last moment in desperation when no other strategy suffices. But doing so can cost them a lot as they may recruit the wrong person for the job. To avoid recruiting an unsuitable candidate, you must shape up the interviewing process so that it can review their expertise. The process must include steps such as

  • Sourcing the candidates
  • Screening the ones who fulfill requirements
  • Conducting interviews and tests
  • Preparing and giving and offer
  • Hiring the candidate

The changes you make will depend upon your tech department’s requirements. Following this plan with the correct schedule will help you hire the right candidate.

3. Increase Technical Awareness In Recruiters 

Of course, not everyone on the panel can be a tech expert. But increasing their technical awareness can do wonders in recruiting the right candidate for the job. However, it is also unrealistic to expect that your recruiters can have the same level of expertise as the candidate. But recruiters must formulate reasonable questions and fairly assess the candidate’s expertise. The reason for that is that a person with no knowledge about tech can get impressed by simple bluffing. So, even the most basic information can help the recruiting panel create tests and questionnaires that can weed out the best talent for the job.

4. Make A Great Impression Of The Company 

The common misconception that the candidate is there to impress the recruiters creates problems. It paves the path for more desperate candidates who will apply to any company and change corporations any chance they get. However, true talent knows their value, and you, as a company, will have to impress them too. Your impression of the candidates will depend upon your company’s reviews by clients. What your employees have to say about your corporate culture will also matter a lot. Whatever inside information customers and employees are sharing about the company will impact the candidates’ minds. Hence, you have to maintain a good reputation online and offline.

Secondly, many tech experts won’t even consider your company if you don’t have a proper screening test related to practical technical work available. They must get a feel of your company’s culture and work standard from the screening process you set. Furthermore, you must make sure that the candidate is compatible with the rest of the company. Consider their interests, hobbies, aims, and personality, whether or not they are a team worker or aspiring to achieve a competitive position. All of these factors will play a role in finding the best talent for your tech department.

5. Use Work Sample Tests 

Almost every company deals with different clients and different IT issues. Therefore, their tech department has a different approach to solving problems. To find out if the candidate fits in with your company’s work requirements, consider performing a work sample test. A work sample test is when a candidate is given a sample from a genuine work they will likely have to do at their job. The job of the recruiter and the tech department is to assess the applicant’s performance from the test results. However, to make the process more reliable, you must follow a set of principles, such as:

  • The candidate will be allowed to mirror the actual work, which will work as their learning curve.
  • The company will have to standardize these tests so that they are entirely objective.
  • The supervisors and recruiters will have to set a grading system to assess the expertise instead of a simple pass or fail.
  • The candidate will complete the test within a limited period.


Hiring for the tech department is not an easy task. It requires the candidate to possess high levels of expertise and loyalty to work for your company with dedication. However, on behalf of the company, you must actively attract talented candidates to your company. The steps in the list mentioned above can help you find the ideal person for your tech department.

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