Five Best POS software for restaurants in India (Most-Preferable)

Best POS software for restaurants

We are all aware that restaurant owners are currently implementing efficient solutions to automate tasks, ease the physical strain, and increase sales.

POS Systems has changed the method by which the restaurant industry operates. At times old methods need to be replaced by more modern methods. To keep up-to-date and adapt to the latest technologies, POS software is being created for this purpose.

What exactly is Restaurant POS software?

The Restaurant POS Software is a system that manages and simplifies the entire restaurant’s operational tasks. In the past, the traditional POS system was restricted to software for restaurant billing that takes orders and generates receipts.

Today, with the development of technologies, this changed from a manual process to an automated procedure restaurant owners can now effortlessly manage their entire business by using a contemporary point-of-sale system.

integrated with Customer Relationship Management Table and reservations management online order management and stock & Inventory Management, loyalty programs advanced reporting analytics, and more.

Cloud-based POS systems have become the norm and offer complete solutions. But just POS isn’t enough to ensure growth over the long term, you have to invest in a comprehensive AI-powered CRM solution for restaurants (better when coupled with your POS) that helps retain customers, increase customer engagement, and boost the ROI of your business.

POS software can make the task easier for restaurant owners, so they can function more efficiently and stop wasting time on tasks to the software (multiple tasks) as well as make jobs more efficient and perform their tasks across a greater range of. If you have to manage or track inventory, orders, stock and restaurant bills, or restaurant billing, you will require a point-of-sale system. However, before you decide on the best POS software for your company it is important to research the important aspects to consider before deciding on the best Restaurant Management Software India.

Who can utilize to use the Restaurant POS System –

  • Manager: To monitor the performance of staff members, enhance customer relations, create sales reports, etc.
  • Staff: to accept online reservations and manage orders, as well as to determine if the allocation of tables is to be operational or not, etc.
  • Chefs: to keep track of the inventory, etc.
  • Supervisors: to keep track of staff, track attendance, etc.

Information about the use of the Restaurant POS Facts About Using Restaurant POS

  • In Toast’s most recent restaurant success report 95 percent of restaurateurs believe their restaurant’s POS system has improved their efficiency in business.
  • The Restaurant POS Terminals Market size raised USD 10 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow by more than 13 percent between 2018 to 2024. The industry’s global purchases are anticipated to exceed 20 million units by 2024.
  • The Mobile POS Terminals Market size exceeded the 20 billion mark in the year 2019 and is expected to grow at a rate of about 19% from 2020 until 2026. The market will reach the 55 million mark in 2026.

Five of the Best POS Software that can be used in Restaurants –


Cloud-based restaurant bill-paying software is ideal for restaurants, bakery food trucks, cloud kitchens, and many more. This feature allows restaurants to expand their operation to include a variety of different services and improve the efficiency of a variety of processes. It includes tools for reviews from customers, diverse recipes, etc.

  • User Interface- Easy to access Simple, fast and quick
  • Online Menu Integration: Allows to control menus, and allows you to easily alter the menus at Zomato, Swiggy, etc.
  • Online Orders- Offers premium services, and also powers chains such as Pizza Hut, Eat Fit, and more.


It’s mainly focused on the management of an Indian restaurant. It comes with a wide range of tools to manage restaurants.

  • Software for billing that is next-gen that oversees more than 20,000+ vendors in 100plus communities.
  • FrameworkFrame your restaurant with an online platform, to KOTs and stocks.
  • The ease of working has made work easier for the average worker and improved productivity.


It is considered to be one of the top POS Software for all types of eateries and offers services such as inventory control and reporting in real-time and much more. It is available worldwide in 20 countries and has been used by around 8000+ restaurants.

  • Tech-savvy provides solutions for automatizing the Back-end and Front-end processes.
  • Wide Range- CRM, Inventory management, billing, etc.
  • The reporting system provides an in-depth view of the control of costs, improves efficiency, and improves efficiency, among other things.


It offers POS Supply Chain and inventory management tools. It is a user-friendly program that provides simple modules for restaurant owners and aids in improving their efficiency.

  • Reservation App- It assists in maintaining the relationship with the customer by keeping them updated regarding the progress.
  • Customer Profiles- They help you understand the needs of your customers, and you can design promotions as well as loyalty programs.
  • Feedback App: Customers can communicate their opinions and the restaurant can improve its services.


It provides the restaurant with an instrument to assist restaurants in becoming online and running their business effectively. This program is designed to work with services such as POS, CRM online ordering tables reservations, and so on.

  • Direct Online Orders: You can reserve a table directly or make an order using the application.
  • Offline Mode: You can get reports downloaded and print orders when you’re offline.
  • Advanced Analytics Dashboard that is user-friendly and also gives daily reports.

To conclude, we could say that the present technology is expanding at a rapid pace and every restaurant owner requires the top POS software to run any kind of restaurant. It assists in managing and coordinating all the operations taking place and keeping track of the inventory, orders, etc,

Even if your company is performing well, you aren’t able to take on all the pressure on one of the customers, staff employees, customers, and everyone else.

Do you have a POS in place? Find a 360-degree CRM solution for your Restaurant

We’re here to help you. Bingage is a part of the integration between Petpooja, SlickPOS & Posist and helps you increase customer retention, customer relationships, and ROI for your business.

Let your restaurant expand through the power of Artificial Intelligence and big data.

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