A Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

A Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

It was one of those things that only seemed possible in the world of science fiction, but it seems that with technology consistently advancing, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming less of a pipe dream. With four types already existing, it is certainly making its way into many parts of modern technology, promoting the idea of machine learning to make life easier for people on both a professional and personal level.

What is AI?

AI works from the theory that a sentient or intelligent machine will be able to incorporate four different approaches into operation:

  • Thinking rationally
  • Acting rationally
  • Thinking humanly
  • Acting humanly

These four approaches influence machine learning in the hope that machines will start to adapt to various changes in operation, using the new procedures to change and run smoothly. All of this revolves around the notion that machines are able to think for themselves, using various algorithms and equations to try and solve an issue without being specifically programmed to do.

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What processes do they use?

Computer vision is a process that machines can implement as part of AI. Using specific patterns and large amounts of data, machines can essentially be taught to recognize speech and images in order to make links between various bits of data and analysis. This can be done to make the machines more aware of their surroundings, most notably with cognitive computing coming to the forefront. This involves machines being able to interpret videos and images with the long-term target of getting them to respond in coherent human speech.

As with any business, it is possible to get systems and software created in a bespoke way for your own business needs, and that is no different with AI systems. In fact, with some companies, it is essential to have customized software, as their own needs might be different from someone else’s.  Therefore, many companies turn to custom software development by Smart boost AI, which shows that it is possible to use machines to front a business, even if it takes a little time to implement it.

It could be revolutionary

As previously mentioned, the idea of being able to interpret images and videos in order to gain knowledge about your surroundings is one of the key concepts focused on. The plan would be to implement something like this within hospitals, as it could be hugely beneficial with patient diagnosis in the long term, especially when it comes to x-rays. Being able to recognize specific patterns could be a masterstroke as it would take a lot of the interpretation aspect out of it, with machines being able to recognize specific patterns within scans and x-rays that could completely revolutionize modern medicine as we know it.

There is so much more to AI, and it feels as if scientists haven’t scratched the surface regarding what can be achieved. With continued research and investment, who is to say how far it can go?

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