What You Need to Know About Macquarie Centre Optometrists

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Port Macquarie is a coastal town in New South Wales situated on the Tasman Sea coast. For tourists that are looking for a quiet place to relax and unwind over the weekend, this quaint town has several heritage-listed sites that you can visit. You can also enjoy long walks along their beautiful coast. If you have eye problems, you can also visit an optometrist in the area. There are two common types of eye doctors. One is an ophthalmologist, and the other is an optometrist. If you have no idea about the differences, you can go to a Macquarie Centre optometrist and they will explain the difference between these eye doctors. If the two types of eye doctors work as a team, you will get the best eye care.

The Differences

An ophthalmologist is one who takes care of you for medical and surgical eye care. They offer different eye services like eye exams, medical eye care for conditions such as chemical burns, glaucoma, and iritis, diagnosis for other eye conditions, and even plastic surgery to fix the droopy eyelids and smoothen the wrinkles near the eyes.

Another kind of eye specialist is an optician. They cannot give eye exams, and they usually follow the orders of the eye doctors. They are the ones who check the lens prescriptions, adjust and repair your frames, check the contact lenses you need to wear, and the like.

As for an optometrist, they are the ones who take care of your vision and your eyes in general. They prescribe and fit the eyeglasses and contact lenses you can wear. They are also the ones who monitor your eye conditions and manage them. They also provide vision therapy, eye exams, and vision tests.

Which Eye Doctor Should You Choose?

Between an ophthalmologist and an optometrist, choose one who can cater to your needs. If you need one who has to perform complicated surgeries on your eye, then select the former. Otherwise, you can check out a Macquarie Centre optometrist for general eye care.

It is an excellent rule to contact a Macquarie Centre optometrist first before going to an ophthalmologist. If you check out the optometrist first and have your eye examined, they can tell you if you need to go to an ophthalmologist or not.

Tips on Taking Care of Your Eyes

If you want a healthy eyesight, there are tips you should follow. First, you should eat a balanced diet. Sometimes, when you eat unhealthy foods, it could result in diabetes. Diabetes weakens your eyesight. Also, prepare a good diet that is a good source of lutein, zinc, omega-3, and vitamins C and E. These nutrients will be great for you to avoid vision-related problems.

Another tip is to give yourself a break when using a computer or your mobile phone. Nowadays, most jobs and activities entail being in front of your computer or mobile phones for most of the day. Spend some time away from the computer for at least every 20 minutes. Look away for 20 seconds and look at something at least 20 feet away from you. It is good to visit an optometrist for routine eye check-ups.

Eye doctors can help you have better eyesight. To select the right doctor, you could ask around or read reviews about them and how they treat their patients. Eye doctors help maintain healthy eyesight and prevent getting eye diseases or eye-related conditions. You can read many tips online or visit your eye doctor to ask about them today.

You might also like our TUTEZONE section which contains exclusive tutorials on how you can make your life simpler using technology.

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