How to Embed Instagram Widget on WordPress Website Without Plugin

How to Embed Instagram Widget on Wordpress Website Without Plugin

Every marketer is now aware that social media content is proving to connect with their audience more effectively and vividly that no other content type can do ever before. Social media content increases authenticity of businesses and builds trust with the customers that a branding content cannot do.

Apropos of building trust and credibility, one of the best ways to do this is to buy Instagram likes for $1.

This is the reason why businesses and marketers are focusing on creating more content across social media channels and connecting with their target audience.

But what with the audience visiting your website? How do you tell them about your social presence? Thus, here’s the come smart way to add social presence on your website in a hassle-free way.

The one social media platform you can go with to increase social content on your website is Instagram. With more than half of the global population as active users, people are spending more time engaging with creative and attractive Instagram content.

To increase your visitors dwell time on your website, you can embed Instagram content on your website.

You can simply add Instagram widget on wordpress website using plugin but in this article we will discuss on how to embed Instagram widget on WordPress website other than using Instagram plugin. Use these tools and methods to make your website look more vibrant and attractive with Instagram Content.

Best Tools to Embed Instagram Widget on WordPress Website

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is one of the most popular and highly compatible social media aggregator tools allowing website owners to display creative and unique content on their website. It offers diverse social media platforms to collect and curate social media content in which Instagram is one of the highly clicked sources.

Taggbox Widget offers an easy to interface that makes the process of fetching content from social media channels  an effortless process. You simply need to put hashtags, mentions, handles, and all the relevant feeds will appear on your screen.

Then using the personalization option you can customize Instagram widget in your desired format that is compatible with your website design. With various themes, background styles, layout designs, colors, fonts, shape, size, and many more you can make your Instagram widget outperform and look vibrant than any other content on your website.

In order to make your Instagram content highly relevant you can moderate the content and filter any feeds which is hampering your website content quality. You can also check the performance of feeds you collected with analytics features and measure how social content is working on social media. 

After doing all customization, moderation, and analytics you can embed Instagram Widget on WordPress website by clicking on the embed widget button. You will get a code, copy it and paste it in the website HTML code where you want to display Instagram widget. Using Taggbox Widget is simple and does not require any technical expertise. 


Another way of embedding Instagram widget on WordPress website is by using Tagembed. It is another social media aggregation platform offering various social media sources to add social content on websites with a code-free and hassle-free process. Similar to Taggbox Widget, you have to type relevant hashtags, handles, and mentions in the box to collect all the relatable Instagram feeds.

With customization and moderation option you can design Instagram widget into best looking and engaging feeds with various themes, layout, styles, colors, etc. After incorporating designs and themes to your Instagram widget, you can click on the button to copy code to embed the widget in your website.

As you click the button, a pop-up will appear in which you have to select your website CMS type, in this case select WordPress as CMS platform and paste the copied code in your wordpress website HTML coding. This is an easy and efficient way of collecting Instagram feeds and embedding attractive Instagram Widget on WordPress website effortlessly. 


Another tool that helps you generate Instagram content and embed Instagram widget on WordPress website with creativity is SnapWidget. SnapWidget is free and so simple that you don’t have to give a single thought and stress-free create alluring Instagram widget for your wordpress website.

You can search for the Instagram feeds using the username or hashtags for which you want to display on your website. It offers options to tailor Instagram content in the way you want to display on your website. You can select from various theme options to display Instagram feed content and hassle-free embedding to your wordpress website.

It is compatible with the wordpress HTML code that makes it easy to embed Instagram feeds on a website without any coding. SnapWidget is an effective tool to embed Instagram feeds on a website and enhance visitors’ experience on your website.


These are some of the best tools available online that help you generate and display Instagram Widget on WordPress website. One of the best parts of using these tools is that you can customize Instgarm widget and design it in the way that is aligned with your website design and improve website performance.

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