Every Geek Must Have These Top Mobile Apps

Top mobile apps

The internet consumption on mobile has exceeded desktops. In the fast-paced world that we live in, the key in every single thing we do is speed. It makes us crave for any tech that could help us hasten up on all levels, be it professional or personal.

This is where mobile apps come in. Their popularity is escalating in both users and business owners. The number of mobile applications will only keep on growing in the years to come.

And the future of mobile app developers continues to shine. So, in the same way, that technology continues to evolve, mobile apps to continue evolving. The app you use yesterday may no longer be the ‘IN’ thing tomorrow. What are the top mobile apps then that every geek must-have? Let’s find out.

Top Mobile Apps every Geek Must Have

The demand for mobile app development services is ongoing, and it seems that the service would be more in demand as the need of users changes regularly. Among the thousands and thousands of apps available, some have made it to the list.

1. Feedly

You probably have heard about this Android app. It helps you manage all blogs and the website that you read in one place. Also, you could categorize everything in the application. When you install this app, you need not install an individual application for each site and you need not manually check out if a new article is posted as well.

When reading an article, you only have to tap on it and Feedly itself will open it for you with the minimalistic interface for easier reading. Some integrations, such as Instapaper helps you save and synchronize your favorite articles across different devices. There are also different options included.

2. Google Chrome

The best browser app you could install on your Android device. Today, most Android devices have Google Chrome pre-installed. It provides you immense browsing experience.

You can synchronize your passwords, history, payment information, and others if you have logged it into your Google account. This helps manage your browsing in one place. Google developers are always doing something new and wonderful.

3. BillGuard

A free iPhone app, which is a handy tool. While it shares several of the same functionalities as a major bank application, it goes further through helping you in managing your spending habits. It is geared towards keeping you aware of your bills and any irregular spending down the road.

Furthermore, the app would even notify you of frequent charges for services that you may or may no longer use. The extensive range of features dedicated to helping you in managing your money contributes to a great solution to let you save and secure your finances as well.

4. Houseparty

Probably the biggest app right now in the world. The reason is that the app makes getting in contact with loved ones and friends extremely easy from the comforts of your own home. Instead of relying on placing calls and waiting for friends to enter, the app functions more casually.

When friends go online, Houseparty alerts you and gives you the option to join in any ongoing calls, or start one yourself. Furthermore, it has quizzes and games to pass the time with family and friends.

5. MoneyView

If you are always wondering where your money goes, then this is the best app for managing your money. The app automatically detects your SMS and groups all of your spending and balances various bank accounts as well. Moreover, you could set reminders for your bills and could also add cash spending manually, as well as other things.

Another thing about the app is that it does not synchronize your data to the web. And since it’s an offline app, it has no security issues. Your spending could be classified across the categories available. Its green account option lets you save money for the future.

6. IP Tools

With the app, you could find your network connection information with private IP, public IP, MAC Address, approximate location as per the global IP gateway, database, and so on. Some other features include:

  • Whois Search – lets you find information on a domain as per the whois database. For instance, the owner’s name, contact number, address, and other information.
  • Ping – you could test if the domain or IP could be pinged from your network, together with the response time.
  • Traceroute – tells you the path that a packet must travel to reach the IP/Host desired from your network.

7. MX Player

The best Android video play app. The free version however does not support the AC3 format. You need to purchase a pro version.

Whether you’re watching a favorite episode on TV or your favorite movie, you could download subtitles from the app directly, thanks to the integration of OpenSubtitles with MX player. The controlling volume, brightness, screen size gestures make it so much easier to prefer it over any other application.

8. Poweramp

The top of the charts music player from the start. If you’re a music lover, then this is the best app that you could find. It provides a wide array of equalizer customization with built-in presets.

Moreover, you can edit the meta information of your music, such as artist, title, album, and so on straight from the music player. You could also customize and download the album art directly via the app. The Poweramp lock screen is awesome!

9. Office Lens

Quite a handy app that helps your device become a portable document scanner. The photo quality would depend purely on the quality of the camera of your device. The app could create an imaginary border for any document that you put in front of the camera to show the area that it considers as a document.

You may edit the border after capturing the picture. It will adjust any tilt of the image angles automatically. This makes the pic appear like it was scanned from a scanner.


There are just so many mobile apps out there. For business owners considering integrating mobile applications to grow their business, mobile app developers are always available to help. Also, various services could be availed as well, such as for instance if you have a particular need to partner with a React Native development company for your specific app requirements.

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