Samsung Introduces Phone Chip to Regulate Cryptocurrency Mining

Samsung launches Galaxy series preloaded with a Crypto wallet

The popularity of the Cryptocurrency is on the increase. After the lockdown period is over, more and more people have started showing interest in Cryptocurrencies. Over the past couple of months, the total number of Crypto traders have increased in number.

The three months lockdown period created an opportunity for the people to know Cryptocurrency better. Amid the self-Quarantine period, when all fiat currencies and traditional assets fail to perform, it was the Cryptocurrency that retains its value. Its price evaluation was significantly reduced, but it was not as bad as how other currency ad assets have performed.

This chain of events made people realize that they need something like Cryptocurrency to fight crises like this in the future. And this fuelled their curiosity to know more about the Cryptocurrency.

The influence of the Cryptocurrency has not been limited to that of the financial and trade market only. But it has seeped into the technology industries as well. The supporting technology, Blockchain, is now being used in several sectors to boost their efficiency.

The same technology is also being used to form Crypto wallets. So, what are Crypto wallets? Crypto wallets are the digital wallets that hold all your Crypto Coins. You can consider them as the standard wallets, but the only difference is that Crypto wallets are application or software that have keys to provide security to your Cryptocurrencies.

Initially, these crypto wallets were downloadable from google play store. But their popularity has grown since the last couple of years. This has made companies like Samsung to add one Crypto wallet to their in-built app list.

Samsung launches Galaxy series preloaded with a Crypto wallet

On Wednesday, Feb 20, the smartphone giant Samsung Electronic launches a new flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S10. You must be thinking just what is new you will get6 with this new addition to the galaxy series. Don’t know about the other, but this phone might be the best pic for the Crypto enthusiast. As the Samsung galaxy comes with a preloaded Crypto wallet secured by Samsung Knox security.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Private key

The relationship od Samsung and Cryptocurrencies has moved to the next level. With the Samsung Knox security, which was created exclusively to keep the Crypto wallet keys secure, the firm has shown that it has accepted the existence of the cryptocurrencies.

The South Korean electronic giants, announced the launch of the Samsung galaxy on 20th FEB, 2020. But the product itself will be available in the selective market after 8th march.

It is said that Samsung s10 is the result of the current technological innovation. This is the first smartphone with HDR10+ that offers the next generation WIFI 6 and is powered by Exynos 9820 chip.

Also, it has a preloaded crypto wallet application that the Crypto enthusiast will love it. What’s more, you ware getting Knox security, which means all your Crypto assets will be safe and secure.

Samsung has already shown some of their sneaks peek to the world back in 2019 that they will be introducing something related to the Cryptocurrency. But nobody thought that it would be a Crypto wallet that too protected by the Knox security.

Samsung Follows Blockchain Trends

Samsung has its security system, Samsung Knox Security, is meant to provide security to essential data, password, and keys. It even emphasizes and asks people to do all their banki9ng with the application to save time. And if it is the security they are concerned with, Knox will provide complete round security to their every action.

Samsung was not the only one that has followed the Cryptocurrency. Before that, HTC has also come up with a Cryptocurrency based smartphone called Exodus.


With all the current hype going worldwide, one thing is sure the Cryptocurrency is a bubble that has more chances to survive than burst. Companies like Samsung, HTC, and Sirin’s labs supporting the existence of the Cryptocurrency show that Cryptocurrencies has a bright future ahead. With that being said, if you have a right eye and think that Cryptocurrency will bring change in the upcoming future.

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