7 Ways How Software Technology Can Make Your Life Easy In Post COVID World

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It has been established that the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to linger in the years to follow. Amongst everything, technology has played a crucial role in helping us power through this crisis. From the small and medium businesses to the end-consumer, everyone is meeting their requirements thanks to the wonders of technology.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that technology will continue to reign supreme as it shapes customer behavior. Our dependence on software will grow as we unlock greater possibilities and potential applications that will make life easier and more convenient.

Here, we will look at the seven ways in which software technology will transform the post-COVID world.

1. Digital Sales and Marketing Channels

The Coronavirus pandemic was the ultimate push that businesses needed to embrace digitization. As a result, all the sales and marketing activities also had to take a digital route. Naturally, they had clear advantages over the traditional models and helped maintain business continuity even in the midst of such a massive disruption.

Since businesses have already invested in the tools and software required to sell or market their goods over the internet, they would be keen on continuing the trend. Plus, all the training and onboarding that has gone into equipping salespersons and marketers to adapt to this change will also bear fruit. As they learn the ropes and the workings of the technologies, they will continue using it even after the pandemic becomes a thing of the past.

2. The Value of Video Content

Videos have played an instrumental role during the pandemic. 

Everyone, from businesses to individuals, has made use of online video editors as a resourceful, creative outlet. Whether it is to spread festive cheer or to announce the launch of a new product – we have all been interacting heavily through videos. From learning to soft-selling, videos have managed to carry out all the roles.

Hence, it is safe to assume that video and video content will continue to remain high in demand. Businesses may have to repurpose their content or generate innovative videos to continue engaging with their audiences even when we return to normalcy.

3. Remote or Virtual Events

At a time when physical meetings and gatherings were strictly forbidden, technology came to our rescue in the form of virtual events. It allowed us to be a part of everything, from weddings to pregnancy announcements to graduation and retirement! Remote events were crucial in blurring all geographical boundaries and stitching everyone together.

Users started doing away with boring, old printed invitations and shifted to fun and interactive digital invitations – a trend that is expected to sustain even in the long run.  

Even after the Coronavirus comes to an end, we will still be divided by physical distance. Therefore, remote events may be a reliable long term solution to bring everyone together, even in the post-COVID world. To make your remote event successful, all you need is a handful of cameras that can record or live stream all the happenings so that nobody misses out on the action!

4. Maturation of Remote Working

Data continues to play a vital role in running businesses and other organizations. 

With the COVID-19 outbreak, remote working was a knee-jerk reaction for ensuring employee health as well as business continuity. Hence, companies had to work towards making information more readily available to their employees. At the same time, there was a growing need for establishing channels of real-time and asynchronous communication. IT teams were actively involved in helping the workforce adapt to the change.

The post-COVID world will witness the prevalence of Work From Home model with optional in-office attendance. As this field matures, there will be an increase in the demand for collaborative platforms, Cloud-based services, SaaS, and other technologies to make it easier for the employees.

5. eCommerce and Automated Deliveries

Retail may have taken a massive hit during the pandemic, and consequent recovery may take a good while. On the other hand, eCommerce has been holding the fort and has seen a stellar rise in the past few months. Everyone is turning to online stores to purchase anything from daily essentials to cutting-edge devices to groceries to food. The convenience offered by online stores that makes everything available at your fingertips has turned users into ardent fans. To fan the flames of customer loyalty, businesses will offer instant or rush-hour delivery through robots and drones! Exciting times!

6. Digital or Contactless Payment Processing

Shops and stores had to adopt digital or contactless payment options to accept payments from their customers without running any risk of exposure. eCommerce stores also suspended their Cash on Delivery (COD) or Pay on Delivery (POD) services to prevent cancellations and to incentivize upfront digital payments.

Digital and contactless modes will continue to remain the preferred channels for the payment for goods, services, and utility bills. As a result, customers can enjoy the convenience of not having to carry cash or to hunt for change for every transaction!

7. Online Entertainment

On-demand entertainment and streaming platforms noticed a remarkable surge after the imposition of lockdowns and other measures. In addition to granting access to existing content, streaming platforms have seen a demand for original, in-house productions. Therefore, these organizations will be on the hunt for movie makers that can meet these requirements through high-quality films or series. One may even see the influx of great video content on platforms like YouTube, which will promise hours of entertainment!

Final Thoughts

It becomes apparent from above that the road ahead is digital. Hence, consumers and businesses will have to pivot according to these changes and become digitally literate. Once the parties gain comfort and expertise in navigating these systems, they will enjoy handsome rewards, especially in the area of convenience.

Thus, the post-COVID world appears to be a utopia where technology will continue to give to users and add value to their lives.

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