What Makes A Good Website? 5 Must-Have Elements

What Makes A Good Website

Many things are essential for a good website. Google has been specified for a long time that you must focus on the quality of your website and your content. After each algorithmic update by Google, the answers for those who have low ranking have been the same: the problem might not be with your web design but other sites are a better fit than yours. However, there are always ways to improve the overall quality of your website.

Working on your site’s quality by having a credible, professional, and engaging online presence is vital for your business. The competition is tough and the internet is flooded with millions of other websites, so making your site stand out is crucial. Your site must grab attention and be user friendly. Here are other important things you should consider when creating a business website or contacting web design company to get a website.

1.     Organization and structure

what makes a good website is its great structure. It should be well organized, tidy, and professional. They must be built to target a specific market niche and should also be easy to use. When your site is well structured, site visitors are able to navigate through easily and fulfil the purpose of their visit. Additionally, it will allow Google to crawl and index your website smoothly.

2.     Site architecture and navigation

All the great websites offer simple and user-friendly navigation. Navigation is very important for two main reasons: better SEO and better usability. Visitors are able to find their way around your site easily when your website offers clear site architecture. To better improve on the navigation, you can consider mapping it out. This will help you link the pages together easily and keeps it organized.

3.     Original content

Your website should focus on satisfying the needs of your audience rather than on what you are selling. Fresh content will entice your visitors to explore your site more, and also in referring their friends to your page. More importantly, Google gives credit to content that is relevant and interesting for its users. When your site is user-centred and not company centred, your targeted users are able to accomplish their goals faster, as long as your business goals remain firmly in sight. To be able to attain this, you have to understand your users well, know their behaviours then focus your content on that. The language you use should be clear and easy to understand. Try your best to bring up something unique. Research accordingly and present the original report.

4.     Outstanding design

A beautiful design makes a site easy to remember. The design of your theme should reflect your targeted market. Always aim at wowing your clients with a memorable experience. Additionally, it is highly recommended to design a website for both desktop and mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-friendly by now, well, it should.

5.     Speed and technical prowess

A good site should be crawlable and have fewer errors. It must load fast from any point in the world. Technical SEO is incredibly crucial. You can, however, get ahead of the pack by thoroughly thinking on which CMS you would consider. So far, VPS WordPress hosting has been credible, flexible, and helpful in so many ways.


As discussed above, there are many things to consider when building a good website. It is never a question of getting a domain, random host, and installing WordPress but great thoughts must be given in the website elements. website development costs are also to be carefully broken down in creating the best while keeping the costs at minimal. With these guidelines, you are guaranteed of crafting a good site that will give your clients a good experience.

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