What are some of the Main SEO Tools that You Should Use?

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These days it is necessary for the users to make use of some good SEO tools to perform SEO related tasks and activities easily. All people should know everything about the SEO tools which are present and then they also have to learn properly on how to make use of them in an appropriate manner. The best way to learn all necessary and vital things about these SEO tools is by taking the assistance of reviews. These days SEO is significant for all the websites present out there. It is important for every website to use SEO in them to get good results easily when performing business online.

Therefore, to make a business website make good and effective one should take full support of SEO strategies and techniques. Individuals make use of some good strategies and techniques to make a business website good and effective. Therefore, to make some good strategies and techniques, one has to take the assistance of some good free SEO tools present in the market. There are numerous different SEO tools present which provide you with all results such as how much audience come to your site daily; you become able to know SEO w the stats and many more things also. 

Main free SEO tools

As you know that there are numerous SEO tools present, so it is important for them to learn everything about some main SEO tools. Therefore, below are the main tools which every single person should know and not only knowing about them is sufficient, but people should make its use in their website properly.

  1. Google Analytics – It is the best and a top-class free SEO tool which allows users to get all records easily. All, the individuals need to know that it is handy data which allow collecting all necessary data regarding your business website. When you make use of Google Analytics on your website, then you become able to know the traffic sources, location demographics, how many people visit your sites, and many more things also.
  2. MozBar – Well, it is a free SEO tool that runs with the chrome browser. Its main task is to give easy access to all the advanced metrics and SERPs. If you make use of the MozBar, then you become able to get access to the Page and Domain Auto scores of all your websites and pages. Also, with the page analytics feature, one should become able to find various elements such as general attributes, link metrics, markup and page title, and many more.
  3. Keyworddit – It is a main and free SEO tool which plays an important role in the entire aspect of making use of SEO in your website. To find the best keywords for your page or business website, Keyworddit is the better option to make a deal with. Also, you are free to make use of online resource to know everything about SEO tools and using methods for them. It is the best source to know all the basic strategies or techniques to make full use of SEO on your website.
  4. Woorank – it is a free SEO tool that provides you with the analyzer services such as it provide all type of insights to the users to improve the SEO performance in the website. It allows you to get insights about the traffic and all the necessary things which relate to your insights. The same SEO tool generates an SEO score which creates a marketing list that tells you the problem of SEO site, which is present in it.
  5. Keywords Everywhere – It is the main SEO free tool, and with the help of it, one should know that there which type of keywords and how many keywords users need to add in their content. It provides its users with the free CPC, search volume and competition data for all the below mentioned things such as –
    1. eBay
    2. Bing
    3. Google Keyword Planner
    4. Google Search Console
    5. Moz Open Site Explorer
    6. Keyword Shitter
  6. Check My Links –It is a chrome extension for appropriately doing SEO. It helps the users in identifying the status code for every single link, which is present on the page. Not only is this, but it also allows the same task with the broken links. One should know that every single status code is coded with almost 200 codes which return to dark green, those are in 300 status codes present in light green, and 400 status codes are returning red. 

All the SEO mentioned above tools are the best among all to make a deal with as to improve your website and get positive results. As mentioned above that you have to make use of reviews to know everything about SEO and all the essential strategies or techniques to improve your business website. You need to invest both time and money for this. If you need any professional advice related to money matters you can refer to NationalDebtRelief.com.

Not only is this, there are numerous other SEO tools present, which also help you in improving the business website ranking. You also need to know that when going to make use of any of SEO tool, then you learn everything about it properly and also everything about it such as how to use, when to use, etc.


Lastly, there are so many SEO tools are out there and opt for the best one. It is your responsibility to opt for the best tool that will surely help you in analyzing the overall statics. Majority of the folks are opting for a tool like Google Analytics that is offering a considerable amount of benefits to the users. Research the pros and cons before selection.

If you are creating a particular SEO campaign, then you need to track the results regularly. You should pay close attention to two important things like quality of content and promotion related tasks. Just in case, if you are facing complicated problem while choosing a tool, then one should make contact with an SEO expert who will surely suggest a perfect tool for you.

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