Top 6 Ways To Earn Well By Blogging

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Are you one of those who still think that blogging is just a hobby? Is it just a platform to vent out your experiences and feelings? If you think so, then you are losing on a lot of things, majorly money! 


If you are not making money out of your blog, you are missing a chance to earn passively. Blogging has become the sole part of digital marketing and improving the sales of a product. It hooks the customers to a brand and instills a feeling of belief and brand image in their minds. 

Through proper ads and creative content, you can easily draw the attention of your audience. Even after you follow the best digital marketing strategies, the growth of a blog varies from person to person. 

A number of factors play a key role in defining the money earned from a blog. The most important is the niche and type of content to be uploaded. You have the freedom to choose healthcare as your niche of the blog, but it might not earn more than a tech blog. 

Thus, you have to keep in mind the audience too! More the audience, the more the chances of earning but the more the competition as well! So, let’s dive deep into the tips and tricks of earning money from a blog. 

1) Selling Freelance Services

Are you a freelance content writer, designer, web, or app, etc.? If yes, then a blog can help you get high-paying clients and work on multiple projects. Rather than just showing your experience on an A4-size CV, you can have a blog to showcase your skills. You can upload your samples to clients who won’t doubt your work and can directly hire you without any interview process. 

2) Online Courses And Workshops

It is one of the most-clicked topics on the Internet. There are a wide number of online platforms providing coaching for different competitive exams or learning skills. If you are really good at something, you can start your own blog, upload videos, and make a perfect package. 

Through proper marketing and paid ads, you can bring traffic to your website and start earning money. Even if you have offline coaching classes, the blog will help you gain more students. You can upload the tutorial videos along with the free study material to procure the customers. 

Apart from this, you can organize free online workshops and webinars to guide the students on particular topics. 

3) Affiliate Marketing

As one of the most trending topics in digital marketing, generating money through affiliate links is becoming part and parcel of a digital marketer’s life. Detailed reviews about the products, video tutorials of the product, creative and lucrative content, and offering free e-books for writing a review, are some of the tactics followed in affiliate marketing

4) Sell E-books And Research Papers 

Make your blog a storehouse for free as well as paid e-books and research papers. You can upload the material for preparing for competitive exams. It can be a one-stop channel for e-books etc. Keeping the target audience in mind, one must keep the content updated. You can invite new research scholars and students to upload their research papers on your website/blog. 

5) Earn Through Ads 

Start writing regular articles on your blog, and by using Google AdSense, let the paid ads come on your website. Through proper SEO, you can bring up your website, which draws more traffic to the website and eventually, more ads. 

The content can also be in the form of videos and podcasts. Using creative and beautiful posters and infographics, one can quickly start earning through blogging. 

6) Sell Merchandise 

Make your blog nothing less than an e-commerce website and start selling your products. Whether you sell your own handmade goods or digital services like a plugin or software, a blog will help you get more customers. It is much better than offline marketing or posting advertisements in magazines or newspapers, which is quite expensive! 


You can also contact businesses of the same niche as yours and propose to host a sponsored giveaway or contest on your blog or social media. If you use the right strategies to increase brand awareness amongst your readers, it can also produce tons of leads for their business. So, these were the top six ways to earn well by blogging.

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