3 Tips to Write Top-ranking Blogs and Improve Visibility

Blogging tips to improve visibility

It is challenging to make your mark at content marketing if you cannot churn out quality blog posts every week. If you look at any of the top-ranking blogs, they are built on solid, informative, and unique content. Then, it is the consistency that matters too if you want to bag the top position in Google’s search pages. Based on the findings of HubSpot, digital marketers are sure to benefit from blogging regularly. They would walk away with 13 times more return on investment, i.e., positive ROI. Studies show that marketers, blogging in a consistent manner, gain 26 percent more leads than people blogging not so often.

The harsh reality is writing a unique blog that reads well and retains audience attention, as well as drives quality traffic, is no cakewalk. Yes, you can easily write 300-500 words blogs about any generic topic that all know. Then, these contents will not affect search results. Neither will it help in boosting your website visibility and reach. Then, you are not looking forward to creating such generic posts and waste your time and effort.

According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, there are numerous hacks to improve your blog and rank high in the SERPs. Grabbing the attention of your readers through engaging content is the mantra of modern blogging. Read on to learn about the three essential tips to write blogs that rank high in the SERPs.

1. Study the top performing blogs

If creating engaging blogs has helped individuals to set up lucrative businesses, why must you not study their best-performing blogs? Top industry big shots like Dan Kennedy, Guy Kawasaki, and Brian Clark did blogging and succeeded. You too can if you know the rules of the game.

A well-written blog with essential data, visuals, and other relevant information will drive thousands of visitors as well as go viral. Yes, these blogs will gain popularity and rank high in the SERPs provided content is topnotch. There is no shortcut to the same. Besides, quality, detailed, and informative blogs also help in earning you, referral visitors.

The principle of quality blogging should offer your readers something valuable. Unique content about your products or services to simplify a customer’s life will make the mark or if the content solves his or her problems. Your readers should get the answers to their questions through your blog. No matter what topic you choose or what industry you write for, the content should be unique.

Write detailed, high-quality content to get considerable organic results. Over the years, your traffic will grow if your blog has what it takes to rank high in the SERPs.

The anatomy of a high-quality blog post includes a catchy title, an introduction that hooks the audience in the first paragraph, the essential points in the content supported with relevant images, and a conclusion that nails the topic. The inference drawn should inspire your targeted audience to ask questions, post comments, and offer suggestions.

2. Write blogs that drive value

For ranking high in Google’s search pages, you will need to write blogs that offer some practical value to your targeted audience. No one will read your post if they are too generic and about a topic that all knows about and read on the internet. Your customers want a piece of content that is useful and related to their lifestyle. A post should not just answer simple questions but motivate your prospects to implement what they read in your blog.

First things first, ensure that your blog discusses interesting topics on a regular basis. It is the key to the success of bloggers who are rolling in money. Create an editorial calendar first and decide on the topics you will target for a month. It will help you to have a good stock of engaging topics that you can address a month long. Ensure that the write-up is of the best quality. Then, it does not mean that you use flowery and bombastic words. Keep the language lucid, useful, and to the point. Based on the findings of Social Media Examiner, unique and informative content goes viral quickly than generic posts.

Create actionable blogs posts that induce people to think and take some action. It may be anything like an inquiry about your products, a form fill-up, or downloading your latest e-book.

You will not gain top rankings on Google overnight. Organic posts take some time to create an impact and reach. If you have time and patience, you see a quality blog post rank high in the SERPs.

Make sure you have a content marketing plan in place. Avoid reinventing the wheel. Take some time out of your busy schedule and figure out what works for the top-tanking blogs in your niche industry. This way, you will see your organic reach soar as well as referral traffic in 3-4 months.

3. Implement the AIDA strategy to pique customer interest

Create awareness, interest, desire, and action (AIDA) through your blog content. It is not a new thing but has been prevalent for many years. The strategy throws light on a marketer’s tasks when he convinces a potential customer to opt for his products or services. It is an effective model to churn out persuasive and engaging blogs that become viral and shareable. The more engagement your blog receives, the more chances of these contents ranking top in the SERPs.

Write something new and unexpected. It can be any situation, surprising element, attractive graphics, and things like that. Make sure the information is relevant, satisfies readers, and creates a sense of reward or satisfaction. Your content should intrigue your targeted audience.

Communicate the unique benefits of your products. You can tap on the desire of your audience through special limited-period offers, thus creating a sense of urgency. However, do not write promotional posts and hard sell your merchandise. At the end of the blog post, include a call-to-action that may induce your audience to make a purchase, subscribe to your newsletters, or order your product.


Now that you have these tips handy, start writing high-quality blogs to rank high in the SERPs. Market your content. It is about working smarter and not harder.

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