The Importance Of An Instagram Strategy To Improve Your Sales

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Social media marketing is an essential limb for marketing in the world we live in. The reasons are very apparent – the internet has opened up its doors to a broad market space that is continuously consuming content and on the lookout for the next in-thing.

Instagram has found a way to leverage this market very strategically. The platform is conducive for content marketing, both for the use and the seller alike. They have a seamless platform that allows creators to disguise marketing content within the feed.

The vast user base of Instagram and the flawless integration with the Facebook ad manager makes it very easy to run effective marketing campaigns. The platform is self-sufficient with in-build insights and tracking applications.  

What Is An Instagram Strategy?

A marketing strategy is the set of goals that a company sets to promote services or goods. As compared to advertising, marketing is the process of creating awareness, rather than pushing for a sale. Sales are the end goal of any organization, but marketing is the path to it.

To explain this better, let’s take an analogy. Let’s assume you are an organization that sells stationery products. The job of marketing is to convert your company into a brand that people recognize. You promote this brand to people on platforms like Instagram by making content about the goods you sell. This process will generate interest and eventually lead to sales.

For Instagram, these strategies can be implied to achieve various goals. Instagram is a very direct-to-consumer platform, which means that it is a great space to enhance your brand image. It helps create connections with consumers and share the story of your brand and products to get more Instagram followers.

Understanding Content Strategy.

Content is the spine of any digital marketing plan. These are the set of posts (Like videos, photos, banners, animations, etc.) that you publish on a platform to generate traction. The best Instagram marketing service can tell you that content can be mainly categorized into two types.

The first is entertaining content. These are campaigns that aimed to attract an audience by sparking delight. It could be funny content, a meme, or an emotional movie — all of these are viable options. The critical factor to note is that the content you post should be relevant to the brand ideology. This means that if you are a shoe seller, you do not make videos about swimming.

The second category of content is informative content. These are posts that aimed to educate users about your domain. This is a prevalent strategy implied by FinTech companies. Rather than selling the brand, they make videos about financial planning, investment opportunities, etc.

The video marketing statistics 2020 tells us that over 99 percent of creators depend on video content for online marketing. Over seventy percent of all online content is in the form of videos. Instagram is very video-friendly, which gives your brand a significant advantage.

The Importance Of Instagram Strategy Planning

Setting goals for your Instagram marketing plan help create a guide map for your months of posting and planning. Setting goals helps narrow down the funnel of Instagram marketing.  

We must determine what the end goal is; this can be for a month or a couple of months. For example, an influence might aim for a higher following count, while a real-estate brand might lead generations.

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Here is the vital importance of running a well-designed strategy.

1. Content Planning

Having a roadmap helps you plan your content better. Marketing content is not created on the fly — these are pre-made a few weeks ahead of time. Based on the campaign you are running, the posts and videos are created, keeping in mind the needs of the target audience. At the time of planning, address questions like: ‘how much content?’, ‘what type of content?’ and ‘when they will be posted?’.

2. Derive Brand Insights

The performance of your online content is useful information to decipher the interest in your brand. It helps gauge what ideas are sparking an interest in the brand, and what ideas will fail to create brand awareness. Insights will also help a company determine the regions and the age demographics that interact with them the most.

3. Organic Following

If you want to build an organic following, then planning is vital. A following is formed by having sufficient content on your feed that is relevant to the target demographic. Other factors, like using the right hash-tags and making posts in the correct resolutions, are also helpful aids.

Once you cross 10K followers, Instagram rewards you with a “Swipe-up” feature to add URLs to your story. Thus a larger follower count is more than just a number.

4. Engagement

Better planning gives you more extensive engagements with your content. This criterion also pays close attention to Online reputation management (or ORM). The job of an ORM team is to monitor and enhance the quality of the online business. This can be in the form of responding to comments or adding value to the replies from users.  

5. Keeping Up With The Competitor

The only way to stay ahead of the curve is by having a better understanding of your competitor. While your own content adds value to your page, keep an eye on the completion too. Your marketing strategy should have sufficient data points to match or surpass the current market ordinary.    

In Conclusion,

We will be remiss not to mention the importance of a competent team to ensure your strategies see an execution. Break your team down into small fragments and maintain a single calendar of posting. The content creator, the publisher, and the analyst should all be on the same page.  

The marketing plan better helps you determine your TG and understand their likes and dislikes. Being relevant and consistent are significant factors in sustaining a healthy marketing plan.

The end goal of an Instagram strategy is to improve sales, and this can be done by having a top-notch brand image. Instagram is a much younger marketplace. There is no room for slow or monotonous content.

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