Why Personalization Is The Key To Healthcare Transformation?

Healthcare Transformation

If there’s one important thing that we’ve learned from watching ‘The Crown’ on Netflix, it is the importance of the right balance of standardization and personalization in the world. No matter whether you’re a monarch, government or an organization, you have to keep up with the generational, societal along social changes going on in the world. The show continued to further demonstrate how the monarch almost lost their power and was dethroned because they couldn’t keep with the changes.

Standardization and Personalization

But as philosophical as the context maybe it throws a great deal of light on the strategic challenges that the leaders in today’s generation face. Not only this, but they are also left questioning about various key factors that can decide the course of the future for their industries or organizations.

To begin with, standardization remains one of the biggest challenges. It is essential to decide whether to focus on the current legacy of brands and organization’s traditional approaches to the way they grow and operate in a particular society or market. This helps align the demands of the market with the quintessential needs of the organization.

Similarly, the next point of though arises from analyzing whether the employees or customers near an organization grow have finding out difficult to keep up with the leadership or the decisions made by the leader. This is not just valid for the leader but also for the brand as a whole. While organizations may not realize this immediately, but over time it becomes imperative to see oneself from the eyes of the customer, because that’s when the dissatisfaction from their ends starts crawling in. Even employees are bound to get tired and frustrated if adequate steps are not taken to make their lives much easier. This is where the aspect of personalization kicks in.

In another instance, personalization also comes into the picture when brands begin to place a strategic bet in support of new generational, social and societal realities. While these might not have been taken seriously in many markets because after all, businesses always look forward to the way they function rather than the rapid changes taking place in the market. This completely ignores the demands of the customer that are reshaping society and the market as a whole. Instead, the focus is being kept on how businesses move forward with time.

But, that’s where organizations get out of business just like the royal family was about to get dethroned. Personalization is the way for any industry to moving forward. No matter which niche you are working in, it ultimately comes down to how well you cater to your customer’s needs and how well are they satisfied with you.

Healthcare and Personalization

If you think healthcare application development is the industry where one does not have to think about the customers or their satisfaction, you’re probably mistaken. In fact, the entire healthcare industry has been stuck in the trap of standardization for years. They have their reasons too and many of these are attributed to government policies, regulations, politics, exclusive workplace cultures, reimbursement models, cottage industry mentality, and outdated leadership methods along with others. All of these factors have been restricting healthcare organizations from placing the customer in the center of their business models or growth strategies, ultimately leading to no aspect of personalization.

And if you try to see clearly, the entire industry is right now under a paradigm shift where it is shifting its financial model. Gone are the days when customers were charged based on the services a medical expert or doctor gave them. Today, the patient is charged for the value of care they have received from one medical institution.

This transition from a fee for service model to quality as a service is much difficult to achieve in practice as it seems. For this to completely occur, each provider has to in fact look for the right balance between standardization and personalization. Only then, they will be able to move forward in the future.

The personalization mindset will help emerging and existing organizations in a plethora of ways. Not only is this fundamental for reaching the dream of a value-based core but it also ensures the sway of patients in their treatment plans and that of employees in an organization. For the starters, personalization will help organizations become patient-centered, which is one of the things that healthcare organizations have been talking about for years. The best part is that while this was just an idea, it would transform into a hardcore reality saving many lives with personalization.

When personalization is thought for employees, it will help attract a lot of genuine talent into the industry. This outside talent will be beneficial from it will bring with itself the virtue of innovative thinking, a different perspective that is much needed for the healthcare industry.

Personalization will also serve benefits and support an organization’s vision in the healthcare industry. It will directly help organizations get out in the front and prepare themselves for the cultural demographic shift. Moreover, as organizations head to operational zing personalization it would not just be about delivering value-based care to populations that are susceptible to chronic diseases. It would also focus on the ways institutions and organizations think about serving the population health as a whole, for example, many culturally diverse people who haven’t entered the healthcare system of a country till now.


The simple reality of the healthcare sector is that patients are no mood to rely on incremental and slow healthcare services. They want value-based care, one where they are not just treated for a particular disease but looked upon from the aspect of well-being. The right balance between standardization and personalization has to follow since millions of lives are at stake due to harsh policies and regulations. This is one of the prime factors in the way of the accelerating progress that the healthcare industry dreams about. With operationalized personalization not only will the system look towards patients from a different approach but also value their employees more.

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