What are The Most Dangerous Apps For Your Kids

Dangerous apps for kids

As a parent today, you just to be worried about the dangerous exposure the internet provides for your children. These app not only effect your child emotionally but can lead to serious problems. In fact, there are so many cases where you would have seen that child become addicted to mobile phones.

Hence, it is our duty to let you know about some of the apps that are most dangerous to your kids.

Infographics on some of the Dangerous Apps for Kids:

Dangerous Apps for Kids with Detail:


Makes it possible for students to have conversations on the app can be easily joined anonymously and that allows for cyberbullies.

2. ASK.FM:

This anonymously set-up question and answers app is linked to many suicides.


This app for streaming live videos and interaction is another one with the potential for cyberbullying.


It is a video chat app that has been linked to nudity and violence. This is because the users share anonymously and the app is not monitored properly.


This app allows its users to share mostly private confessions. The app has no age verification or registration process for its new users and that makes it dangerous for your kids is that it opens them to sex offenders and predators.

6. SNAPCHAT: Although Snapchat is not as dangerous as the other apps on the list, it still puts your children at risk of adult content and nudity. A recommended approach for parents to take regarding this app would be monitoring your child’s use of the app

In extreme cases, you might be thinking of selling their phones or trading them for less-sophisticated ones. Are you wondering “where can I sell my samsung phone?”, then contact us.

Some tips for keeping your kids safe from these dangerous apps include, showing parental control, getting familiar with their phone activity and putting up their privacy settings.

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