How to create Close Friends list and share stories on Instagram

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Instagram is currently the one of the world’s favorite social networking platform best known for sharing stories with friends and family. To be on top in the market like every other social networking site they also keep adding new features. One of such feature is to create close friends list and share stories on Instagram with them only. This is really useful in case you don’t want to share your stories with everyone in the list due to whatsoever reason.

However, earlier this feature was available in Instagram but it was such a tedious process. If, you remember you had to change the story settings and choose the followers with whom you want to hide the stories. So, here we have written down the steps for you.

How to create close friends list on Instagram

Step 1: Open Instagram app and tap on the Avatar icon which is in the bottom right corner.

Step 2: Tap on the three horizontal bars from the top right corner.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Close Friends’ option.

Step 4: Now, either search or scroll through the list and tap on ‘Add’ button to create the close friend list.

Step 5: A Close Friend Instagram list will be created which you can edit whenever you want.

Once, done you can very well make a new story and choose the second option ‘Close Friends’ from the Share screen to share your stories with them only.

You also know that Instagram and Facebook profiles are linked and thus it is very easy to upload a photo from Instagram to your Facebook profile. There could still be chances where people don’t want to link their Instagram and Facebook. If you are also feeling so, you can unlink your Instagram and Facebook posts.

We hope that the ways mentioned above to create close friend list in Instagram will help you. Share us your views in the comments section below.

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