LG Android 10 update timeline revealed for 9 smartphones

LG Android 10 update

LG has finally revealed about 9 smartphones with a timeline which will get the Android 10 update. However, the update is late compared to other smartphone companies which have either already pushed the updates to their devices or released the timeline for their smartphone updates.

For a smartphone company it is still an extremely slow pace as only two phones are running the latest version of Android: the G8 ThinQ and Korean units of V50 ThinQ 5G. But, we need to give some support to LG as earlier it wouldn’t even bother updating their devices to the next version of Android. Probably, it is because of their dedicated global Software Upgrade Center which they recently launched.

Here is the roadmap for Android 10 updates in 9 LG smartphones, with some phones only getting it in Q4 of 2020.

LG Android 10 update

1. February, 2020

2. Q2 2020

  • LG G8X

3. Q3 2020

4. Q4 2020

  • LG K50S
  • LG K40S
  • LG K50
  • LG Q60


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