How to change passengers name or boarding station in booked IRCTC ticket

change passenger name in booked IRCTC ticket

While booking a ticket in IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Operation) website is like a war especially during tatkal ticket, and certainly if you get your ticket booked that feels like you have won it. But, have you ever made a mistake while booking online train tickets via IRCTC website and later would like to change passenger name or wanted to change the boarding station?

Here is a good news for you, IRCTC allows passengers to change ‘Boarding Station’ & ‘Passenger Name’ against a request from the passenger as per extant railway rules. You can avail this facility by visiting the nearest Railway Reservation Office only at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the concerned train. While, change is permitted only for confirmed or RAC passengers. Now, if you are wondering how to change passenger name in booked IRCTC ticket. Here are the steps you need to follow.

How to change passenger name in booked IRCTC ticket

  • IRCTC allows travelers to transfer their ticket to someone in their blood relation such as father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband and wife.
  • Take self attested copy of the ticket.
  • Take self attested copy of identity proof of both passenger who is not travelling and who is traveling in place of him, bring your original ID along with it. Also, take a proof for blood relation desired to be changed.
  • Go to your nearest railway reservation counter
  • Here, you can ask the counter officer to change the passenger’s name in the ticket, which can be fulfilled after filling up the required form.

Recently, Indian Railways has also simplified the process of getting Train status, booking status and PNR Status via WhatsApp in partnership with online website MakeMyTrip. To get the details all you need to do is save the official WhatsApp number (7349389104) on your phone and start a chart. Then, simply type in PNR followed by your PNR number in the message box to get the information on your phone.

Share your thought with us, do you think it is comfortable enough? I believe this facility should also be available through IRCTC website rather than visiting Indian Railway reservation counter?

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