WhatsApp finally now earns money through one of its services

whatsapp earn money

WhatsApp has finally launched a way to generate money through its one of its services. And it is very evidently the only through which the company makes money via this popular messaging app. The company is looking forward to earning money through the business accounts.

And this is how things are going to work. The businesses will have 24 hours to respond to their users for free. After 24 hours, the WhatsApp will charge the businesses a fixed rate by country for the delayed response. The firms will still be able to communicate with the people who had contacted them first with the help of the latest API which will assist in sending shipping confirmations programmatically, event tickets or appointment reminders.

The Clients will also be able to use the same to respond manually to the customer service using their own tools or via other apps such as Twilio, MessageBird or Zendesk. And the small businesses can still send the late replies one-by-one for free.

The WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook back in 2014 for around $19 Billion. And it now looks like the parent company is finally trying ways to generate revenue out of this messaging app. The company’s decision to charge only the firms for their late replies and not charging any users can be seen as a good strategy which will not only generate the revenue but also increase the user engagement within the app.

This new announcement is not a surprise for many in the tech world as the WhatsApp had already given hints about this plan on charging the enterprises in last September. What are your views on the WhatsApp’s plan to charge the enterprises and not the users?

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