How to record your screen using Microsoft Powerpoint

record your screen microsoft powerpoint

If you are in need of a simple ways to record your screen, then you are at the right place right now. And we are not going to discuss about any screen sharing application here. We are going to talk about how you can capture the screenshot using MS Powerpoint. Yes, what you are hearing is true. There is a hidden feature in this productivity app by Microsoft that will help you accomplish this and we will help you discover it in this post.

How to Record your screen using Microsoft Powerpoint

To begin a screen recording via Powerpoint, firstly create a presentation in the application and then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Navigate to the Insert Tab and choose Screen Recording.
  • Now, in the dock which is displayed, click Select Area or use keyboard shortcut Windows key + Shift + A.
  • Click and Drag to choose the part of your screen that you want to record using the crosshairs tool that is displayed.
  • By default, both mouse pointer and audio are recorded. In case if you don’t want to record them, you can click the buttons in the dock to turn off those functionalities.
  • You may either click on the Record button or use the Windows Key + Shift + R as a shortcut to start the recording on your screen.
  • Once you have finished your recording, move your mouse point back to where the dock was and it will appear once again.
  • You can use the Windows Key + Shift + Q or click on the Stop button to end the recording.
  • To save the recording to your computer, you can right-click the thumbnail shot of the video and choose Save Media As.
  • Now in the dialog box that is displayed, enter the name and choose a file location and finally click Save.

Note: This works only on the Desktops/Laptops running Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and the updated versions of PowerPoint 2013.

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