Four simple steps to know if you have been blocked on Facebook

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If you have been using Facebook for a long time, then you must be aware of the feature called ‘Blocking’. As, we know if someone has been blocked on Facebook, then the blocked person will no longer be able to visit, search, tag, post or do anything at all on that profile or on his timeline related to the profile. In, short the profile becomes ghost for you, in case you wonder either you are not able to find a profile or have been blocked by them on Facebook. Here in this post we have shared few easy steps.

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Steps to know if you have been blocked on Facebook.

Facebook Search

In search field type the person name and click on search button to look for their profile. If, profile appears then fine but if it does not appear not necessarily means you have been blocked. It may be possible that the person has set his privacy settings to not be visible by Facebook users (except friends). This option is not of that much use, because you would have seen there are multiple accounts with same name.

Facebook other account

If, you do not find the profile in your account search option, try to find the profile using someone else account. If, it appears in other account but not yours that clearly indicates that you have been blocked. But, in case if it still does not appear in other account also again the reason could be same that it may be possible that the person has set his privacy settings to not be visible by Facebook users (except friends).

Facebook mutual Friend friends list

In case you have a Facebook mutual friend, you can search for the profile in your friends account from Friend list. Go to the mutual friend account friend list and navigate to see the full list of their Facebook friends. On that page type the person’s name in search field or go through the list if it is small. If, you see the profile it means you have not been blocked. But, if you do not see their name chances are you may have been blocked. But, again you would be able to search only in case your mutual friend has publicly listed their friend list.

Facebook conversation

If you have ever done a conversation with the profile in the past look for the conversation. Now, If profile picture has been replaced with the default Facebook profile photo and you cannot click on their name it clearly indicates that you have been blocked the profile.

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section if you find the steps to know if you have been blocked on Facebook helps you. Appreciate, if you share your knowledge to get the confirmation using any other method.

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