Best Android Pie Features You Must Know

Best Android Pie Features You Must Know

We have earlier updated that the Google has named its new Android baby as Android Pie. It is being rolled out to the Pixel smartphones currently. And now is therefore the right time to have a look at the list of new features that the company has got to offer us through its latest Android version. Some of the new features can be used to overcome your smartphone addiction. Surprised? Well don’t get yet. Because we haven’t even started talking about them yet.

Listed below are the Best Android Pie Features.

Best Android Pie Features

Adaptive Battery

Best Android Pie Features You Must Know

The Android Pie on your smartphone will come with a new feature called “Adaptive Battery”. It can be used to make sure that only the apps which you often use are consuming the battery and other apps which are being used rarely are not consuming the battery. This feature should will really boost the battery life of your smartphone.

App Actions

Best Android Pie Features You Must Know
Courtesy: Todd Haselton | CNBC

Android Pie will suggest you a few actions that you might normally take in certain apps. For instance, if you always launch Spotify and start playing any playlist, the App Actions on Android Pie will provide you a quick shortcut to that playlist when you plug in headphones.

App Dashboard

Best Android Pie Features you must know

The latest app dashboard will provide a clear view on how you are using the apps on your Android smartphone. This should help you to realize how much time you are wasting on apps. It will also display you the number of times you have unlocked the phone and how many notifications you have received so far. And again, all these information will be useful in taking a decision if you are spending a lot of time on smartphone.

App Timer

Best Android Pie Features You Must Know

This feature is more like the Child lock feature. From the App Dashboard, you will be able to set a daily time limit for each app. This should help you to prevent yourselves from spending a lot of time on any game or app. The timer can be set as you wish. Once you cross the app timer limit, the app will be greyed out for the day and you won’t be able to launch it.

Do not Disturb

If there is already a Do Not Disturb mode on the Android phones, then why is Google listing it as one of the new features for Android Pie? If you are like me, this question must have crossed your minds already by now. But do not worry. Let me explain you the difference.

Best Android Pie Features You Must Know

The existing “Do Not Disturb” mode just prevents you from hearing the notifications. And it is good if you are attending any important meetings in office. But, it is not great if you are sitting on bed and staring into the mobile screen to read or to perform any other similar activity.

The latest “Do Not Disturb” mode will avoid all the visual indicators so that you won’t get new messages, emails or Snaps. Maybe, good days have finally arrived for the bookworms who want an immersive reading experience.

Wind Down

Best Android Pie Features You Must Know

The smartphones these days have a feature which will prevent the blue light at bedtime. Studies and researches have proved that the blue light that gets emitted from the devices will keep the humans awake and there is no debate on this regard. Google’s latest ‘Wind Down’ feature will start eliminating the blue light and turn the screen into grayscale as the preset bedtime approaches. The company is hoping that it will at least remind the users to go to bed.


Best Android Pie Features You Must Know
Courtesy: Todd Haselton | CNBC

There are also new gestures like the one which are already available on iPhone X using which the users on Android 9 can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to return to the main screen or perform multi-tasking.


Best Android Pie Features You Must Know

According to Google, the Slices will be arriving later this fall and is a part of “App Actions” feature. The company says that the Slices will allow the users to access shortcuts quickly in Google Search. For instance, if you search for Lyft, you should also be able to view a quick shortcut to book a Lyft ride home. This will save a lot of time for the users as the app will not have to be opened additionally to book ride again via Lyft.

What are your views on the aforementioned Best Android Pie features? Share us your views in the comments section below.

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