Android P is called Android Pie, will be available in Pixel devices first

android p is called android pie

Google has announced the next version of Android. And it is called Android Pie. The stable version of the update is all set to be available in the Pixel devices from today. Smartphones from other OEMs who have been part of the beta program will receive their Google update before the end or fall of this year.

Android Pie is the ninth biggest release of Android is the successor of the Android Oreo that is currently available in the market. The latest update brings several improvements such as Adaptive Battery, Adaptive Brightness, Slices, App Actions, Overview and few other improvements in the areas like Notifications.

Adaptive Battery will understand which app in your smartphone is being used less and removes resources to it. Adaptive Brightness on the other hand adjusts the brightness automatically to your current location and it depends on what you are doing in the device. Both these features will boost the battery life.

Slices is a new addition by the company to make the search function more sophisticated. For instance, you could search for Lyft within the Google app. There are several such additions in the Android Pie. We will come very soon with a detailed post on every feature of Android Pie.

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