Top 5 reasons why HTTPS is required for your Site


In this digital age Security is the most important asset and certainly browsing the Internet can be scary when personal information is involved. Here in this article we are bringing few points to help you know HTTP vs HTTPS, and why HTTPS is required for your site. You should see ‘HTTPS’ on any site that asks for personal data, especially payment information. That’s why it is very important that you site should have SSL certificates either it is a full e-commerce site or just a blog. If, a site has the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate its URL appears as ‘HTTPS’.

The ‘S’ in HTTPS stands for secure and refers to the security in web connections. You might have observed the HTTPS connection by this time now while browsing email or banking websites. When it comes to Mobile apps, it is tough to say whether the app is supporting HTTP or HTTPS as they aren’t transparent with users regarding their security measures.

Let us go through some practical reasons why you should enable HTTPS in your site.

1. Better Trust with Users

HTTPS is secure

Thanks for Google for the increase in awareness, if you open any site without SSL, like url has HTTP it shows a red flag to readers and chance are they might not come back to visit your site and it may put them off for future visits as well. But, if your site is having SSL and it is showing ‘HTTPS’ then it builds a trust with readers that is a secure website.

2. Better visibility in Chrome

Better display in Chrome

As, Google Chrome is one of the most popular and secure browser. So, obviously if user is going visit a site which doesn’t have an SSL certificate will instead see a page alerting them that the connection isn’t private and they are going to visit a non-secure sites which is not safe. While for the sites with SSL it shows a padlock and green “Secure” message in the Address bar. We hope the other browsers also follow the same soon.

3. Better Protection from Hackers

Connection is secure

HTTP means Hyper Text Transfer protocol that is defined to sends information between your device and the website you’re visiting. While, HTTPS is the secure version of this. The extra ‘S’ in HTTPS stands for secure and refers to the security in web connections. Because, if site is HTTPS enabled then it means it encrypts information between the two, so anything sent between the pair is scrambled, rendering it virtually unreadable.

4. Better ranking in Search Engine

Ranking in Search Engine

We had reported last year that Google Chrome wants to kill HTTP as per the report. Few months back Google announced that beginning in July 2018 Google Chrome to mark HTTP sites as Not Secure for all the HTTP sites in the address bar of the Chrome browser and will acquire user’s attention. The non HTTPS sites will be shown as non-secure with the release of Chrome 68 in July 2018. Now, if you will do a search in Google chances are majority of results on the first page will have HTTPS addresses. As, per SEO optimization standard rule it is very much important that your site should appear on the first two pages of results for better visibility.

5. Better Site Speed

Site speed using HTTPS

To appear result on the first page it is important that your site ranking should be good, and you need to optimize your site using SEO (Site Engine Optimization) technique. But, one of the important factor that plays vital role in site ranking is site speed. Few, people think that having HTTPS slows down the speed, which is a myth and the real fact is if you have HTTPS enabled in your site you can see the difference of speed yourself.

We would love to hear your feedback and in case you have any concern or queries regarding either you should move to HTTPS from HTTP or not. Our, suggestion is to move to HTTPS as soon as possible for better results on your site.

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