Google Chrome wants to kill HTTP

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According to the security team of the Google Chrome, the users of the browser will see a warning when they visit insecure HTTP sites anywhere they will have to enter the passwords and credit card information. The warning will be displayed in the address bar of the browser and will acquire user’s attention.

Finally, the security warning will be displayed for all HTTP pages when a user visits them in “Incognito Mode”, and the function will be rolled out to all HTTP pages.

This change will force the owners of the site to upgrade theirs sites to a more secure HTTPS. Enabling HTTPS to a site will encrypt the data while in transit and prevent the site from being altered by any malicious user in a network.

Emily Schechter from Google Chrome commented on the feature via a post:

“Don’t wait to get started moving to HTTPS. HTTPS is easier and cheaper than ever before, and enables both the best performance the web offers and powerful new features that are too sensitive for HTTP.”

Google is not the only company which wants the users to use only HTTPS. Other companies such as Apple has also asked the iOS app developers to switch to HTTPS connections by the end of 2016. The instant articles in Facebook works via HTTPS. As the big companies are forcing the users to

The users will be able to see the warning from January in their Chrome browser and the warning will look as displayed below.



Schechter continued:

“A substantial portion of web traffic has transitioned to HTTPS so far, and HTTPS usage is consistently increasing. We recently hit a milestone with more than half of Chrome desktop page loads now served over HTTPS.”

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