Google Pay now rolling out on the web from desktop and iOS

Google Pay app on the web from desktop and iOS

Google Pay is now rolling out on the web from desktop and iOS. Google had combined Android Pay and Google Wallet to Google Pay back in February, which rolled out in the form of a new app across the Android devices. Now, with this new update of Google Pay on web and iOS you’ll start seeing it when you’re trying to make a payment on supported site, on the browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox or any other browser and all the iOS devices.

Google also says that you can check out online without entering your payment info again and again in the checkout form. As, once you have added a card to Google Pay it will automatically fill in your billing, shipping, and payment info in the site. In fact, you don’t need to even worry if you lose your credit or debit card, because you don’t need to wait until your new card arrives. As, the new card details will be automatically updated with Google Pay.

As, well as when your card gets expire and bank issues a new card, the expiration date will be updated as soon as new card gets issue. Of course, if old card is in Google Pay. So, there is no way a card problem can stop you from shopping. Google is also offering rewards on the Google Pay app for Android.

Since, now Google Pay is available on all the devices and web, you don’t need to add them separately on any platform. Once, you card is added in Google Pay in one device you can use it anytime from anywhere. Now, Google has certainly raised the competition level high for all the online Payment service and raised the bar for Apple Pay by creating a unified payment option for its users.

You can download the Google Pay app and find the offers now.

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