Google Pay app combining Android Pay and Google Wallet rolls out on Android

Google Pay App

Google Pay app is finally rolling out in the form of a new app across the Android devices. This new app is going to combine company’s Google Wallet and Android Pay services.

The app is divided into sections, Homes and Cards. While the Homes section provides information on the nearby local stores and any recent payment activity, the Cards section is where all your gift cards, rewards, debit and individual credit reside.

The search engine company has big plans for the Google Pay Service. We can expect it to be integrated in its products like Google Assistant and Google Chrome. And just like how it used to be in Android Pay, you will be able to make payments and use cards across a wide range of websites or apps while using Chrome or Android device.

The Google Pay Service will also transit in cities like Portland, London and Kiev. And then again, it depends on your location and how the transit there looks like. Recently, Google also updated Tez payments app that lets users handle their utility bills and more.

For the US and UK markets, the company is also integrating its Venmo like service from the Google Wallet.

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