YouTube has rolled out the Dark Theme for iOS expected for Android soon

YouTube Dark Theme for iOS users

The YouTube Dark Theme is the most requested feature by mobile users, since its launch for Desktop last year. Today, YouTube has rolled out the YouTube Dark Theme for iOS users. Although, the speculations were that Dark Them will be rolled out for Android users first.

Since, Dark Theme is a soft roll out the YouTube app update is not required. If, you want the Dark Theme to be enabled for your YouTube app in your iOS device. You need to go to app setting and toggle directly from there to enable it. The YouTube app interface turns completely into the dark once Dark Theme is enabled.

YouTube app will show a pop-up about the dark theme at the bottom of the main home screen, if you are running the latest version of YouTube. As for Android, YouTube has mentioned that this feature will be rolling out very soon but hasn’t given any time frame.

Although, there is no update in the app itself but the new interface looks cool compared to the original white interface. If you are running the latest version of YouTube app, a pop-up will appear at the bottom of the main home screen about the dark theme. YouTube has not mentioned a scheduled date of the release about dark theme feature for Android Users. But as of now they have confirmed that the feature will be rolled out soon for Android as well.

Over the past few years, the YouTube has been changing bit by bit. Now, all those bits are coming together. Like for the first time in the 12 years, the YouTube released a brand new logo. And, few months back Youtube TV picture in picture support was updated in the app. Which let users to pause, fast-forward, rewind and return to the fullscreen within PIP window.

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