Google search to show update directly from Musicians through a post by them

Google Musicians

Google has launched a new feature that puts musician at center stage on search. This update has been launched for all the musicians who show up on Google worldwide. It means now if you make a music-related search, you can hear the update directly from them through a post in search.

Last year in December Google had launched a feature that shows Google celebs videos answering user questions upon search result. The new feature is almost same but this time if you search for any of your favorite musician like Steve Aoki, Shakira, Sia, Sofi Tukker, Son Little and Kygoind, you’ll find updates from them in their Search results, inside their Knowledge Panel. In that same panel, you can find images, videos, GIFs, and text posted directly by the artist you’re searching for. The posts with a blue checkmark next to their name is a confirmation that the update is from a verified musician.

Google says that this feature is live for all musicians who are on the Google search results worldwide. The company is also letting musicians with a Knowledge Panel get verified and start posting.

While Google has always been coming with new updates and features like recently Google Go search app launched to provide faster & unified search results. This new feature is certainly going to add more edge to the best search engine. It is evident that Google is trying to make its search engine itself more like a social platform with this new launch.

Let us know your views on this new feature of Google search to show update directly from Musicians through a post by them.

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