Top 10 YouTube Tricks Everyone Must Try

YouTube tricks

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms where millions of users browse and upload a millions of videos. YouTube Connect a live streaming app by Google have certainly give an edge to YouTube to compete against the other live streaming services like Twitter Periscope and Facebook Live.

Since, YouTube has proved its dominance over other video sharing platforms.

Here are top 10 YouTube tricks that everyone must try.

1. How to keep your YouTube activity private

YouTube has provided the option to keep your Likes and Subscriptions private. You can check your YouTube Account Privacy and check the options to avail the privacy setting options.

2. How to Download YouTube videos

To download a YouTube video you just need to add ‘ss’ in the URL after www and click enter. The URL will be redirected to and there you will have option to download the video by choosing video quality and file format.


3. How to create gifs from YouTube video

To create a gifs from YouTube vide you need to add ‘gif’ in the URL after www and click enter. Then you will be redirected to Here you will have option to set start and end duration to create gif image.


4. How to convert YouTube video into mp3 audio

To convert a YouTube video into mp3 audio you need to add ‘listento’ in the URL after www. Then you will be redirected to ListentoYoutube site. Here you will have option to click on the Go button to convert the video into mp3 audio and download it.


5. How to find videos that matches exact keyword search

To find videos in YouTube that matches exact keyword search. You need to type “allintitle: Your Keyword”.
The result will be videos that exactly matches this title.

6. How to exclude YouTube video using keyword search

When you want to find a particular video the keyword search result provides all the videos related to the keyword. To exclude particular videos that you do not want as a result of search you can use below trick, like to exclude all the videos that are related to Oscar. You can type the keyword as below.

leonardo dicaprio –oscar

7. How to Play YouTube Video in slow motion

To play YouTube Video in slow motion, you need to press and hold down the space bar. Until, the button is pressed the video will run in slow motion. There is also option to speed up or slow down the YouTube video from the setting gear in YouTube video.

8. How to edit YouTube videos

To edit your YouTube videos before you publish it in your channel. You can use the Editor Service provided by YouTube. Here you have option to trim, combine and also add audio to your video. There is an option to add effects and filter as well to your video.

9. How to run the YouTube video from specific point

If, you want to share a YouTube video URL with your friend and want them to see the video from specific portion. You have option to add the time at the end of the URL, which will open the video from your set time when your friend will click on the URL. You need to add #t= to the end of URL followed by the minutes and seconds.

Example: To run a video from 1:05 seconds

You can also add the start and end option in the URL of the YouTube video, so when your friend will click on the URL it will start and end at the specific time set by you. You need to add ‘?start=x&end=y’ at the end of URL.

Example: To run or share a video from 1:03 to 1:52

10. YouTube Keyboard shortcuts

While you see the video on YouTube sometime we don’t like to keep our hands on mouse. So, here are the keyboard shortcuts that works when you are watching videos on YouTube.

  • space to Pause video
  • K to Play video
  • L forward 10 seconds
  • J rewind 10 seconds
  • Left Arrow to rewind for 5 seconds
  • Right Arrow to forward for 5 seconds
  • 0 or home to jump to beginning of the video
  • 1-9 to jump to 10% to 90% of the video
  • M to mute the video
  • F to full screen
  • Esc to exit full screen mode
  • End to jump to end of video
  • Shift + < to play video in slow motion
  • Shift + > to play video in fast forward
  • Shift + P to play previous video
  • Shift + N to play next video

Although, these YouTube tricks are not new and you might be already aware of most of the YouTube tricks, we thought of sharing it for our readers who might not be aware of few of them.

Let us know in the comment section below if you are looking for some tricks we might help you.

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