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One of the coolest features released on the Android Oreo is the notification channels. You might want to read, Android Oreo Best features to know more about other interesting features that the Android 8 has got to offer. The main use of the Notification Channels is that you can control several notifications from the same app.

This Notification Channels is now available in the Android Oreo version of the WhatsApp. We are not sure whether when exactly this feature has been released on the beta version though. The popular messaging app currently supports 10 notification channels such as silent notifications, sending media, other notifications, uncategorized, media playback, failure notifications, critical app alerts, chat history backup, message notifications and group notifications.

Every kind of notification can be controlled separately so that you can adjust priorities to the notifications which you receive from the app. You will be able to even control or completely disable the single notifications by just holding down the notification and seeing the type there so that you can disable it instantly.

The company has been adding a lot of improvements lately. One of the interesting features that has been added very recently is the ability to switch from a voice to video call. Usually, you will have to end a voice call to initiate a video call again. Now you can easily switch the call between voice and video on WhatsApp in just a single tap.

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