Dell’s new app brings mobile notifications to the desktop

It’s time for every company to showcase their products at the ongoing CES 2018 event and the Dell is also not leaving any of its chances. One if the largest multinational computer technology company is showcasing a couple of interesting new products at the CES event in Las Vegas. This year the Dell’s new app brings mobile notifications to the desktop and the app mobile connect is a free offering with new Dell computers.

The new app brings up mobile notifications to the desktop via Bluetooth. Although, the functionality looks similar to what offered by Notification Center on macOS or Cortana on windows. But, the major difference is that the new app by Dell does not require sign into individual account on the desktop. You will see the notification on the desktop whenever you will get on your phone.

The smartphone should be within Bluetooth range of the Dell’s Desktop to be able to get the notification on desktop. The notification pops up as a small notification box on the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can either respond in a dialog box or click through to a mirrored image of you smartphone screen. You have the option to actually navigate the handset directly from the desktop if it is a touchscreen and play mobile games directly on your desktop.

Along, with notifications the other features that comes with this new mobile app are like getting a call, ordering an Uber, getting notifications of Instagram and many more. The app works with both Android and iOS and the new functionality is set to arrive on January 27.

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