How to find Best 9 Photos of 2017 on Instagram?

how to find best 9 photos of 2017 on instagram

A New Year doesn’t really change anything. But for most of us, it can be a changing factor as our minds tend to feel everything fresh when a new year begins. For instance, I washed my clothes myself today very early in the morning which is something that I don’t consider doing even in my dreams.

You might also be the same person who thinks about the old year and how it has been both helpful and painful to you. Since our lives have immersed so much into the digital platforms, the best way to look back at our lives is by having a glance at our old posts on Facebook or Instagram. Although, Instagram recommended Posts will display in your feed but there is no feature to look at the past through video.

When 2017 was nearing its end, as usual the Facebook came up with its Year End tool for the users to let them have a look at the past in the form of a video. But for Instagrammers, the company provided nothing of that sort. If you belong to the latter and are a professionally well known photographer, you might want to showcase the best work of you from 2017. Here in this post, we are going to guide you on the same.

How to find Best 9 Photos of 2017 on Instagram?

  • For the people who are using a browser on your PC or Mac at present, go to
  • Now type your Instagram ID in the search bar and click on “Get”.
  • The site will then take some time to go through your photos and come up with a collage.
  • Once the collage is ready, it will be visible to you on the screen. You can then choose to either share it or do nothing.

The developers of the site also have introduced apps on Android and iOS platforms that can be used to create the same collage from the best 9 photos of 2017 on Instagram. You might also like to read how to join Instagram Alpha to get the latest features?

For your convenience, we are adding the links to download them from Android and PlayStore here below.

Google Play


We hope this tutorial will help you post the best 9 photos of 2017. Share us your views on the same in the comments section below.

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