Hulu TV Live service adds Picture-in-Picture Mode and Your Watchlist in its web app

Hulu TV Live

Hulu is introducing a couple of new features in the latest beta version of its Hulu TV Live service on the web and it includes picture-in-picture mode, user-controlled watchlist dubbed as “My Stuff” in addition to an improved search. This update comes at a time when the company is receiving a lot of complaints regarding its latest interface.

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As the matter of fact, not everyone has been impressed by the recent additions on Hulu. According to many users who have complained, the recent update has added more improvements only in terms of the design and not in terms of ease of usability. The user forums of the Hulu has been filled with the requests to get back to the old design or at least update the current one to be more user friendly.

People are of the opinion that the Hulu’s latest navigation is very complex and it’s very difficult to discover the things which they want to watch. However, the company has been answering these requests without rolling back to the old design entirely.

With the latest addition of “My Stuff”, it clearly indicates that the company is acknowledging the complaints of the users regarding the “Lineup” and “Continue Watching” features. Besides this, the picture-in-picture mode is also something that a lot of users have requested.

The search on Hulu has also got an update with the addition of episodes, keyword matches from movie descriptions and sporting events. These latest features are being rolled out only on the web version, but again only for the beta users. To experience it, go to

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