Facebook Messenger Kids for children with parental controls launched

facebook messenger kids

Facebook has introduced a new version of Facebook Messenger for the children who are under the age of 13. The company is calling this latest app, Facebook Messenger Kids. It is more like a mini version of the main app. One of the biggest additions in this new app for kids is the parental controls option.

Parents will have to set up the accounts of the kids and they can communicate with a group of pre-defined members. The members can be anyone from the closed friends and relatives to the family members. The home screen will show a list of people with whom they can talk and who is online to chat.

The advancements made by the Facebook in augmented reality will come in handy as the users of the new application will have access to age-appropriate stickers and masks. Besides this, the kids will also be able to send photos and messages.

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facebook messenger kids

Facebook’s decision to launch a kid’s version of the messaging platform is still a good idea as the main app is flooded with a lot of explicit stickers and emojis. Using the new app for kids, parents at least have an opportunity to prevent their children’s minds from getting polluted with bad ideas.

The Facebook Messenger Kids will also not have any targeted ads and it doesn’t allow any in-app purchases. It means that you will not have to worry about your credit card being misused by your children using the new app.

Though it’s a good initiative, the company’s decision to engage the young users with the gadgets with this new application might raise some negative responses in the community. However share us your views on the Facebook Messenger Kids in the comments section below. It is currently available for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

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