Apple iMac Pro to arrive on December 14, starting from $4999

apple imac pro in india

Apple had teased its upcoming Apple iMac Pro a long time ago and the company promised that it would hit the doors of market by the end of December this year. It looks like that this rollout time has arrived. Yes, the Dark Gray desktop will be available for purchase with stunning specifications and high price tag very soon from December 14.

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The gadget starts at a price of $4999 and it contains an 18-core Xeon processor, 4 TB of storage and 128 GB of memory. The specifications clearly tell us that it is more than just a computer. It also tells us that the Apple is very serious about engaging the creative professionals on its operating system. In fact, the latest iMac Pro is going to be the best device to deal with the 3D graphics and 4K video.

apple imac pro

To make things more interesting, the company has already provided the Apple iMac Pro to a group of influencers across the world before the official launch.

Greg Kurstin, who was one of them tweeted,

I was able to put iMac Pro through its paces early, so I tried out my most complex Logic sessions and everything is much faster and smoother. The all-in-one design puts everything I need in one place, and I’m loving the Space Gray color.

The popular YouTuber MKBHD or Marques Brownlee said, “It feels like the ideal high-end YouTuber/Final Cut Pro machine.

The company is launching the iMac Pro at the right time. Because, the Microsoft has been trying to win the market with its Surface products lately. And the latest addition by Apple will certainly bring the company back to the limelight.

apple imac pro

As far as the specifications and the initial hand impressions of the Apple iMac Pro is concerned, it is by far the fastest Apple device we have ever seen. However, share us your views on the same in the comments section below.

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