YouTube Battery draining issue has been fixed on iOS

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Google has confirmed that the battery draining issue caused by the YouTube app on iOS devices has been fixed now. Several users reported that they were facing this issue even when the app was running in the background. At the same time, few others who rely on the YouTube the most like me didn’t face any issue.

However, for those who were facing this issue, the battery was draining rapidly and causing the body of the smartphone to get heated. According to a user who was watching a 15-minute video, the battery charge was reduced by 10 percent after watching it. Another user reported that the battery was reduced by around 20 percent after using the app on iPhone X for more than 30 minutes.

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It is still not very clear whether how many users were affected by this issue. But, it looks like the issue was occurring to even the users who were using the earlier flagship smartphones and the iOS 10 OS version. We were assuming this issue was faced by those users who had installed the 12.44 version update on November 14. The company has also confirmed the fix publicly by mentioning it in the release notes in 12.45 version.

A few users who were facing this issue had gone public by expressing their concerns via tweets on Twitter and the YouTube was seen addressing those complaints by promising a fix at the earliest. As watching video is one of the most used activity, thanks to the apps like NetFlix and YouTube, this issue grabbed the eyeballs very soon.

Anyways, it is good to know that the issue has been fixed and the YouTube users on iOS can happily watch videos now on the world’s largest video network without any hindrances. Share us your views on YouTube Battery draining issue has been fixed on iOS by commenting in the comments section below.

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