Uber introduces Live Location Sharing and much more ahead of the Holiday Season

uber live location sharing

Uber is serious about making the customers happy ahead of the holiday season. The company has added a bunch of exciting features including the live location sharing in the latest update. This new addition on Uber will be helpful for both the driver as well as the rider to find each other very easily.

For instance, if you have already booked an Uber cab from a certain place and have failed to appear at the location in time, the driver will be able to find you easily using the live location feature. It will also also let the drivers to find the riders very easily by calling them in advance.

To turn on the Live Location within the app, tap on the grey icon at the bottom right corner of the display. If the icon turns into blue, it means that the rider is sharing his location in real time with the driver. You can turn this feature off by tapping the icon once again or by navigating to the privacy settings of your app.

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Another notable feature being rolled out is the expansion of beacon system which will let the users to find an Uber. The beacon can be installed on the windshield of the driver to assist both the riders and drivers to find each other especially in the crowded places. According to the company, the beacon feature is currently being expanded to Chicago, San Francisco and New York City.

Another much demanded feature that is being introduced is the in-app gifting to mark the celebration of the holiday season. It will let the users of Uber to send Uber credits to family members or friends from the app. To send the credit, the users will have to navigate to the menu and then choose, “Send a gift” and then finally choose the amount. Once the amount is entered, then provide the recipient and a custom message for the receiver.

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