Twitter testing a new feature to show you how many are talking about tweets

Twitter talking about feature

We reported yesterday that the Twitter is testing a new Bookmark feature to let you save the tweets for later. The latest news is that the company is also testing another feature. The microblogging site is currently experimenting a new feature which will show you whether how many people are talking about any individual or popular tweet.

This new metric will show us embedded tweets whenever they are seen elsewhere on the internet, and it seems to replace both replies and retweet with the total one. According to Dan Jackson, a spokesperson from Twitter, this is part of just a small experiment by the company.

It might not sound interesting to every twitter user out there. Because some of them believe that the retweets and replies show how popular a tweet is on the web. And moreover, it shows you each individual that are engaging with the subject.

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Since it is only in the experimental phase, we are not sure whether this feature will be rolled out at all. It would be better if the company can provide this feature in such a way that the users can choose to view either replies and retweets or this new embuds in their twitter feed.

The reports from the past few days clearly tell us that the Twitter is very serious about improving its site by introducing new features. In the past two months, company has already rolled out a few important updates which includes increasing the character limit to 280.

We feel that all these features only help the microblogging site to increase its number of users. However, share us your views in the comments section below. Also tell us if you like Twitter or Facebook the most to engage with your friends and family members.

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